Today’s November Giving Nomination is Emma Wieland of Sophia’s Oasis for Equines – submitted by Lisa Wieland

Let me tell you a story about a little girl who loved horses. She knew one day she would find herself covered in horse hair and manure completely blissful. This little girl grew up and went through some hills and valleys found herself in her forties missing something. One day she was working the circulation desk at her local library.

A lady and her little girl came to check out some books. There may have been a scent of a barn and horses involved. But noticing the patrons address on the screen, the librarian was prompted to to say ‘hey it looks like you live right near me.’ She responded ‘Yeah, I’m over at the horse rescue. You ought to come by one day.’ Without hesitation, on her break, the librarian reached out through social media and made an appointment for that very same week. She drove down the dirt road with her 10 year old daughter in tow. A deep feeling of peace and excitement washed over her when she saw that first swishy tail on the horizon.

That was over seven years ago and now the little girl has grown into a dependable leader in her own right in not only caring for but also training and riding rescues.

Extreme temperatures, late nights and early mornings have been her life. She chose to forgo 4 summers worth of vacations to help just one more mustang out of the holding pens. She gives her all and it’s all for the horses. She started as a shy quiet girl watering horses and picking stalls while observing all the trainers. Through grit, time and determination on her part and support of the board and volunteers at SOFE, she has become an integral part of the team at SOFE. Her name is Emma Wieland.

Who am I? I’m just her mom Lisa, the librarian, and I still want to be her when I grow up. We remain dedicated volunteers at SOFE and are grateful for all the lessons each horse and barn family member has taught us. Thank you.