Today’s November Giving Nomination is Denise Parsons of the Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc.
– submitted by Jamie Lynn Dice

Denise has her hands in everything equine. She is based in Maryland but helps the entire East Coast (and some of the West Coast). A voice for our GAITED horses but not afraid to help any horse, dog, cat, rabbit, goat, donkey or whatever is in need. Taking young adult equestrians under her wing to teach them about nutrition, rehabilitation, rescue, body condition, building and growing an equine business, and so much more.

From running GAIT Rescue, running the Horse World Expo, managing to help countless other rescues, being a voice to end Gaited Horse cruelty, to helping rehab several of GAIT’s horses, transporting, organizing her volunteers/trainers/barns/transports/quarantines and still finds some down time for her hobbies and her own horses. She lives five lives at once.

She is always the first person to offer advice or offer someone to talk to who will have the answer. She is without a doubt one of the most influential equine ladies I’ve ever met and she gives everything to her rescue horses and the equestrians out there willing to listen.