by Carrie Hull, Equiery Publisher & MHC Executive Director

Did you know that this year is our 35th anniversary? MHC has been our voice in the halls of Annapolis for over three decades now, working to ensure that your voice and the interests of your horse are heard and respected.

Throughout our anniversary year, we will be delving into our archives and sharing with you a comprehensive history of MHC. We have so many accomplishments to be proud of, including many legislative achievements and NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU!

As we approach the opening of the next legislative session in Annapolis on January 8, we have been working hard already. Following the results of our Member Legislative Interest Survey this summer, which indicated that your greatest area of interest was equine welfare, we have been working on a number of legislative initiatives. These include bills that would add pleasure and sport horse breeders to the stable license and inspection requirement, and that would protect working horses such as carriage horses from intentional and malicious harassment, interference or injury. We are working now to iron out the details and secure sponsorship and support from the legislators. Stay tuned for updates as this effort proceeds!

Almost ten years ago, the Horse Council formed its Political Action Committee (PAC), which really raised our profile in Annapolis. Legislators notice organizations that have PACs and take them seriously as committed constituents. And MHC is able to use the PAC to help support legislators who have supported our issues and causes.

I know this can be an overwhelming time as you receive many year-end fundraising requests, but the PAC is so critical to our success in Annapolis! Can you help us recharge our PAC war chest now? State law prohibits making distributions from the PAC to legislators’ campaign funds during the session, so we must raise money and make distributions BEFORE JANUARY 8!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could raise at least $2,500 to support our PAC? No individual donation is too small, and we will be truly thankful for your gift. Please go to, and scroll down to the PAC donate button on the left side of the home page. You may also send a check payable to the Maryland Horse Council PAC at PO Box 606, Lisbon, Maryland 21765.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. Always for the love of our State and our Maryland Horses!