By Jane Seiger, PAC Chair (first published in the November 2020 Equiery)

What does it mean to be a “Maryland Horse Person?”

It means that we are lucky enough to be part of arguably the strongest and most vibrant equestrian community in the nation. We celebrate this community, our “tribe,” in so many ways – beautiful Fall trail rides with friends, thrilling to the stretch duel of Swiss Skydiver and Authentic, picking and choosing from an incredible banquet of shows, events, hunter paces, etc., cheering at rodeos and jousting tournaments, or just quietly enjoying watching our horses graze or feeling their soft nuzzling of our hair. The list goes on and on.

This strong community has a voice, the Maryland Horse Council, and that voice is heard in the halls of the legislature in Annapolis and the offices of regulatory agencies. In just the last year, we authored and secured passage of legislation that will make criminal any malicious interference with working horses. We worked diligently and successfully to ensure that the Governor and the State agencies respected the rights and needs of horse owners and horse farms as we all navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. And we closely monitored, weighed in on, and reported to the community about so many issues that affect our lives with our horses.

So–please–stake your claim, secure your place in our community, our “tribe.”

Join the Horse Council. Maryland Horse People Belong Together, are Strong Together!

And–please–donate to our Political Action Committee.
– Because Maryland legislators have REAL ability to affect our horses, our farms and our horse businesses.
– Because MHC works tirelessly with Legislators to ensure PRO HORSE legislative choices.
– Because legislators respond to PAC contributions and pay attention to organizations with robust PACs.

Please consider a donation today. Every dollar helps, but, by law, we must make our PAC disbursements before the Legislature opens its session in January. THANK YOU!