In 2019, The Equiery launched a new annual feature to celebrate those people and horses that contribute greatly to the non-profit community. Anyone can nominate a non-profit staffer, volunteer or horse for this annual award. The award committee reviews nomination essays and picks three to print in the November Charity issue with all nomination essays being posted on throughout the month. This year we received nominations for six people and three horses. Read all of their stories on this month!

Kim Montgomery
submitted by
DeEtte Hillman (DEFHR Equine Programs Director)

Officer Kim Montgomery has been working in animal control with the Prince George’s County Animal Services for the past 18 years. Her tenure with the organization is recognizable in and of itself, but her commitment to animal welfare, specifically equine welfare, makes her efforts even more significant. Throughout her years of working for PG County, Kim has become well-educated and experienced in the laws and due process involving equines. Her long-standing presence within the community has allowed her to build a high level of resources, including the PG County Equestrian Center, private owners, and DEFHR, to provide assistance to horses removed from unsafe situations. Kim has a natural love for all animals and finds respite from the demands of her work by caring for her own crew of critters, including goats and chickens. Kim takes a proactive approach to her cases by carrying out efficient, quality, and educational conversations with owners to try to find peaceful solutions. However, Kim is also able to identify when a situation is critical and immediate action must be taken. DEFHR has been working with PG County since 1989. In the past 12 years has taken in over 60 horses from the county for rehabilitation, many of which were thanks to Kim’s direct efforts and dedication.