first published in the February 2020 Equiery

The National Reining Horse Association Executive Committee has approved conditions for a trial phase of an amateur division. For the 2020 season, any NRHA-approved non pro derby can offer an amateur division if it meets the following criteria:
• To compete in the amateur division, the same horse/rider must be cross-entered into the NRHA-approved non pro derby. The show conditions will govern which level(s) must be entered.
• There will only be one level of amateur. Added money cannot exceed half of the Level(L) 4 added money.
• Riders entering the amateur division must be non pros as defined in the NRHA Handbook.
• Riders must abide by the non pro ownership rules as outlined in the NRHA Handbook.
• During the test period, this will be classified as a Category 11 class.
• All other NRHA rules apply.

The following riders are excluded from competing in the amateur division:
• Youth riders – as defined by the NRHA youth membership requirements
• legal dependents of professional equine trainers – defined as being officially claimed as a dependent on a tax return
• spouses and legal partners/mates of professional equine trainers – when the civil status is legally and lawfully registered in the county/state of residence
• anyone who has exceeded NRHA lifetime earning of $100,000 in Categories 2, 6 and 8 as of December 31, 2019
• anyone who is currently eligible for Level (L) 4 non pro only.

All venues wishing to host an amateur division must get pre-approval from NRHA.