from the Maryland Horse Council Legislative Committee

The 441st session of the Maryland General Assembly opened on Jan. 8, 2020 and runs for ninety days; closing day, or “Sine Die” is April 6. Commonly known as “the legislative session,” over the last few decades, we’ve gotten used to a somewhat languid first 3rd of session, as bills get dropped, everyone gets the lay of the land; in the middle third, all bills are in and things would begin to ramp up, hearings are more packed, amendments start flowing. By the last third, everything would be fast and furious in the count down to Sine Die.

That was then. Back then we had Senate President-seemingly-for-life, the venerable Mike Miller, while on the other side was House Speaker, the late Delegate Mike Busch. Each man ruled his chamber with an iron hand, and there was a certain predictable rhythm to the session.

This is now. Now, Baltimore County Delegate Adrienne A. Jones is the new Speaker of the House, while across the proverbial hall Baltimore Senator Bill Ferguson wields the gavel in the Senate. 60 of the 188 lawmakers are only in their sophomore year – still pretty new on the job, and as the MHC Legislative Committee has seen, eager to make their mark! There has been no languid start to this session. These legislators are eager to “get ‘er done!” And thus, with a shotgun start, we are off!

The Maryland Horse Council has posted updates on several key bills here:

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