In the September 2010 issue, the opinion piece titled “Voting Against Slots at Arundel Mills is a Vote Against Racing” caused quite a stir. Unfortunately, most of those responding to the opinion piece by Steuart Pittman preferred not to submit their own written opinion piece, but Bobby Lillis, who advocates on behalf of backstretch workers, posted the following comments to The Equiery.

Please Vote Against Question A

Personally, I still think slots should be at Laurel Park for a ton of reasons, but the #1 reason is that a casino just 10 minutes away from the racetrack would mean the grandstand would be empty on a daily basis, would be devastating to the Maryland horse industry. Track management will then not be able to raise enough funds for matching improvements to the track, and eventually the track will close. Then, there will be no need for 7% purse supplements from slots revenue because there will be no track to run at. Remember that 33% goes to the operator. If the operator is not Laurel Park, there will be no money for improvements and the track will not be able to afford the millions of dollars to get any matching funds. Breeders and farm guys can continue to run everywhere but Maryland but Maryland backstretch and racetrack employees will be unemployed. So, YES it is worth the effort to support the November referendum to Stop Slots at Arundel Mills.  I would rather have racing around for ten more years, then to have slots at a shopping mall and be out of business in two years.

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