by Jane Seigler, MHC Government Relations Committee Co-Chair (first published in the August 2023 Equiery)

The Maryland Horse Council established its Political Action Committee in 2011 to provide a way to support financially the campaigns of candidates for state office who understand and support our public policy agenda. Rightly or wrongly, money talks in politics. Running for public office is expensive, and all candidates truly appreciate and remember their donors.

The politicians are talking about a whole lot of issues that affect Maryland horses, horse people and horse businesses, such as:
• Ag Preservation Funding
• Animal Welfare
• Environmental Rules
• Funding for Equestrian Facilities
• Funding for the Horse Industry Board
• The Future of the Preakness
• Helmet Use by Minors
• Insurance & Liability
• Labor & Employment Rules
• Parks & Trails Funding
• Real Estate, Sales & Property Taxes
• Sunday Hunting
• Veterinary Practice
• And a whole lot more!

They should be listening to us! And they have been.

Here are five reasons why you should donate to the Horse Council Political Action Committee (HCPAC):
Representation: By donating to HCPAC, you can support our efforts to advocate for the interests of horse people and the horse industry in Maryland, and to ensure that the concerns and needs of horse owners, breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts are heard by policymakers and elected officials. By contributing, you help amplify the voice of the horse community and support their efforts to shape legislation and regulations that impact the industry.

Legislative Influence: Through strategic contributions, the PAC can support candidates who are sympathetic to the concerns of horse people and the horse industry, increasing the likelihood of positive legislative outcomes. By donating, you can help the PAC wield political influence and create a favorable environment for the horse community in Maryland.

Industry Development: By focusing legislators and policy makers on the equestrian community, the HCPAC supports initiatives aimed at expanding equestrian facilities, improving trails and infrastructure, and enhancing the overall environment for horse-related activities. By contributing, you can play a role in fostering the growth and vitality of the horse industry in Maryland.

Economic Impact: The horse industry has a significant economic impact, generating jobs and revenue for Maryland. By donating to the HCPAC, you help sustain and strengthen the industry, benefiting not only horse owners but also those employed in various equestrian-related sectors, such as trainers, grooms, veterinarians, feed suppliers, and more. Your contribution can contribute to the overall economic well-being of the state.

Community Support: Supporting the HCPAC demonstrates your commitment to the horse community in Maryland. By donating, you join a collective effort to ensure the welfare and vitality of horses, the preservation of equestrian traditions, and the promotion of equine-related activities. Your contribution helps build a stronger community of horse enthusiasts and advocates.

Our PAC makes distributions to campaigns every Fall. And every Winter, Spring and Summer we must rebuild the fund. Please give as generously as you can by clicking here!