This year, two Maryland horses have made the list of inductees into the EQUUS Foundation and USEF’s Horse Stars Hall of Fame. Founded in 2013, the Hall of Fame was created to celebrate the extraordinary talent of horses and their magical and powerful bond with people. The USEF chooses horses with stellar athletic performances while EQUUS selects horses who have had an inspirational impact on the public as companions, teachers and healers.

On the 2019 list is Big D, owned by the Baltimore Police Department Mounted Unit, and Wandering Angus, owned by Katy Hansen.

Big D, also known as Dino, has been an integral member of the Baltimore Police Department Mounted Unit since 2016. Partnered with Sergeant Russell Robar, the 16-year-old Belgian Draft gelding also earned the Klinger Award at the 2018 Washington International Horse Show.

Wandering Angus is a valued member of the Great and Small Therapeutic Riding program based in Boyds. A one time racehorse and event horse, Angus is cool and confident in his roll as a therapy horse.

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