Tina McAlinn, LVT and Dr. James Brown position a horse for a head CT

Tina McAlinn, LVT and Dr. James Brown position a horse for a head CT

Care of a hospitalized horse requires highly-trained, dedicated personnel. Each horse must be treated as an individual, with examinations, treatments and procedures provided as directed by veterinarians, to ensure their comfort, safety and ultimate recovery.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians, equine nurses and nursing assistants, support clinicians with the daily individualized care of each equine patient. Nursing duties for inpatients and outpatients include checking vital signs, administering medications and monitoring IV catheters. Medications are administered at specific times throughout the day and night and wounds require regular lavaging and bandage changes. These dedicated individuals work long hours, on rotating shifts, and their work is often emotionally and physically demanding, especially when dealing with emergency cases.

The EMC Team prepares for surgery

The EMC Team prepares for surgery

Many tasks associated with the care of a hospitalized horse require specific training and can be challenging. Capturing diagnostic images is an exacting science; each imaging modality is unique and requires specific training. Support staff are required to complete specialized on-site and off- site training to assist with MRI, Nuclear Scintigraphy, CT scans and diagnostic x-rays. During surgery, support staff are on hand to assist with anesthesia and are an extra pair of hands during the surgical process. Support staff play an integral role with recovering a patient post-surgery, which needs to be handled with extreme caution.

A career in a support role at a veterinary hospital can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. The care of hospitalized horses would not be possible without the dedicated expertise of Licensed Veterinary Technicians, equine nurses and nursing assistants.

For more information about equine career opportunities at the EMC, Leesburg, Virginia and the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia please go to: hr.vt.edu/jobs

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