In 2019, The Equiery launched a new annual feature to celebrate those people and horses that contribute greatly to the non-profit community. Anyone can nominate a non-profit staffer, volunteer or horse for this annual award. The award committee reviews nomination essays and picks three to print in the November Charity issue with all nomination essays being posted on throughout the month. This year we received nominations for six people and three horses. Read all of their stories on this month!

Wendy Gast and Bleu
submitted by Renee Prentice, owner of Annapolis Children’s Therapy Center

I am nominating Wendy Gast, and her horse Bleu. They are part of Talisman Therapeutic Riding in Grasonville MD. We have worked with Wendy and Bleu during physical and occupational therapy sessions at the Annapolis Children’s Therapy Center over the last two to three years. The children adore this team.  As a team, they have contributed immensely to the developmental skills of the children they work with. This is an extremely notable team who deserve the “kudos.”

Wendy is the most patient, positive person I have ever worked with.  She will bend over backwards to help children get funding to be able to participate in therapy sessions involving hippotherapy. As the therapeutic riding instructor participating in the session, Wendy is proactive in assisting the session, having the horse start and stop, move fast, move slow, assisting us with toys, games, and activities.

Bleu, as the therapy horse, is exceptional. We have children sit forward, backwards, sideways, lying down, kneeling, rolling, and Bleu just lets us do it. We play the craziest game with a variety of toys, noises, things gently hitting him and bouncing off of him.

They are an amazing team to work with and I am blessed to be able to work with them. Just want to sing their praises!