Survey participants comment on the Fair Hill International

Fair Hill International Marketing, PR & Ticketing

awkward web site-list of riders, score sheet doesn’t fit on one screen so reading results was difficult

Event did not seem to be well advertised this year as compared to last year. Attendance seemed lower too.

I thought the information provided was fine. I am also on the emailing list so it made it even easier to be contacted.

The information was very helpful, but it would have been nice to also have the rider’s times as well.

Their web site was very late in getting the dressage schedules up.

Very poor publicity – only saw it in a couple of horse mags – no local signage (i.e. banners etc.) at event site main road – and we were by 2 weeks before competition – other places, our own event included have large signs saying that it is coming etc.

Web site is hard to find

I used your website for any info I needed and it was very thorough….but…You had very annoying drop down menus which floated on almost every page. This slowed down my computer (pentium III) and caused my computer to crash (I had to re-boot each time) when I tried to print directions and your grounds/course map in preparing my trip. I wanted the grounds map in order to plan my own walk around the course and where to find restrooms and the vendors I wanted to visit. Keep it simple with no fancy menus next year! That may work for some with fancy computers, but it took me 3 tries to figure out it was your website causing the problem. I never did get it printed. It occurred to me that this might be an attempt to “force” spectators into buying a program, but I assume it is just overzealousness on part of the web designer. The website LOOKed great and had all needed info….just get rid of useless bells and whistles.

Internet site is not updated at all, lots of last year info on there. Bulletin board at another horse publication is more informative.

Most if my information came from the International’s website, however, I made my plans to attend based on the ads run in the Equiery…it jogged my memory as to the date of the CCI***

It would be nice if they posted the dressage scores at the end of each day so that evening you could see the results if you’re not there (like Rolex does).

I don’t think there was as much publicity for the FHI CCI this year as in years past.

Improve event visibility/promotion

Being able to purchase with a credit card at the gate would be VERY helpful in the future. Getting tickets online are very easy and simple. My mom and step dad get tickets online all the time, saving hassle for everyone.

Had a little trouble finding where to buy tickets. The booth was sort of hidden behind a big tree and there was no sign on the road (that we could see).

The tickets were not mailed out until the Friday before the event. My 4 day pass arrived on Wednesday (the day before the event began).

Results and times were very late in being posted; too late to be of any use for going to help a specific rider!

Charging both admission and parking is ridiculous! There were too many things going on, too – confusing

Credit cards should be accepted at the gate

Good website content.

The Printed Program

explanation of penalties and time fault points. Some small page with rider info complimentary with the price of ticket.

Need more info on the horses, their breeding, breeders and I think that the US really misses out on recognizing the owners of the horses….afterall, without horse owners, most riders would be without rides. Most of Philip Dutton’s mounts’ owner’s are announced…but most other horse’s owners are not acknowledged. The UK does an excellent job of announcing and publishing owners and breeders, since they are the backbone of the sport, in so many ways.

It would be nice to have an order of go handed out at the competition but I was pleased that I was able to get it off the internet site in advance

MOre info/background on riders & horses – don’t know what the price was – but can only guess it wasn’t cheap.

Please provide more information on standards of competition for the jumping phases – like length of course, maximum height of obstacles, speed, etc.

You couldn’t find the riders numbers any where. There was no way of keeping score yourself. Or following favorites.

Have the course map available in a one page paper format, not just in the program.

The program needs a lot of attention. To make it easier to follow the riders and know who they are


Vendors weren’t too great this year either. I easily spent over $200 at Devon and looked hard to spend at Fair Hill and only spent 4.95!

need more and more varied vendors in tent city

food was very mediocre. Too many vendors with uninteresting items–not horse related.

After last year’s Pan Am Games and the AMAZING shopping, I was very disappointed to see Bit of Britain as the only full tack shop present. And they only had select items. I had planned on buying much more!

Felt sorry for the vendors that there weren’t more people (i.e. gate) – as competitors are notoriously cheap. Trade fair gets smaller each year – for these reasons Re: food – only ate in the stable area (excellent food) or a the patron’s tent ( very mediocre quality – considering the amount that some people contributed!) Parking – did well given the mud!

I am not sure where you were selling event souvenirs, but I never saw them. Put in more places, or more visible places, perhaps not at just at an event organization booth if that is where they were. I did not see them in the trade fair. Need to be more visible. I would have bought a tee shirt!!!!

I thought there would be a lot more vendors than there were!

it would have been nice to encourage more practical horse supply vendors… A lot less this past year than before. Too much junk jewelry, etc. or just very high in price. Lack actual useful supplies. Horse and rider………..

Less vendors than in years past! I missed the specialty Coffees!

More vendors would have been nice to have. The number of vendors seemed lower than last year.

need to attract twice as many vendors– more variety

Never saw the vendors, except the ones sent up in the endurance area. Friends really enjoyed the shopping. Looking at the prizes I won, I feel that the vendors were generous in their contributions. Received a t-shirt at check-in.

prices too high

Vendors weren’t very good. i was looking forward to the van with all the books and never saw it and there wasn’t nearly enough “real” horse stuff — seemed to be geared to the non-horse person.


The selection of vendors seems to be diminishing each year.

The trade fair was lacking this year. I missed the Thornhill vendor.

There seemed to be less in number this year.

There was a very small amount of venders. Nothing to attract a non horsey spouse. It is also nice to think you can find a bargain at events but there was only one tack shop.

Vendors were awesome!

What vendors? 1 tack shop? I actually needed things, basic things like bell boots, and couldn’t buy them!

When compared to years past, the vendor selection this year was poor. Would like to see more horse oriented vendors, but also understand that Fair Hill occurs in a busy time and competes for vendors with Devon, Radnor and the Wash. International Horse Show.

Would like to see different vendors with more variety of usable products for the average horse owner

More vendors!

Location & Venue

parking is terrible – long waits

Parking was a nightmare. It took 20 minutes to get to lot and then had to hike to only one entry gate.

The PC games were so far away by the time we got there it was over.

Maybe the shuttle could go to the main arena? thanks.

Seating to view could be set up a bit close . Several people made statements about a closer or better location to view the dressage competition.

parking was MILES away

Parking was too far, but muddy conditions limited the parking

Venue is wonderful

The Event (competition and demonstrations)

The cross country had some adverse comments about a couple of inappropriate jump set ups jeopardizing horse and rider. That the safety of the riders and horses should be considered of more interest and the athletic ability and expertise should be the factor in winning without a course that would risk their well being.

I served as a volunteer jump judge on cross country day. Although I only saw one jump, it was a great experience to see all the riders go by.

Sorry to see them remove most of the driving event, The President’s Cup (games) was scaled way back from the original plan. Too bad for the kids involved. Otherwise, a fun time to watch.

The dog agility is a big hit.

I’d love the driving to come back! The competition I mean. I MISSED it.

More pony races! They’re so cute!

have the announcer give age & breed of all the horses – he did it on some

Need to get something more to draw in spectators – the loss of the recognized driving was a shame. As we were there as owners & grooms, we were a captive audience!

General Comments

the event seemed disorganized

Being disabled, I was counting on the shuttle between the in-gate & start box. Too bad it was not running. I was very limited in what I could see.

everything seemed to go very smooth but the score board was not working properly.

Fair Hill was awesome!!!!!!!! Watching my hero, Philip Dutton compete was incredible. It was a chance to see the best of the best up close and personal.

I was a competitor in the FHI endurance 50 event. The management was great, volunteers were great. Just didn’t like the parking area–too far away from everything else, but could not help the mud!

Thanks for such a spectacular event.

Gate Volunteers, extremely fast and friendly

The staff were very helpful and nice.

Trying to make sure the score board is working properly with the info. If not than verbally giving the info would be good.

Prices have really increased…

No way to find out scratches or horses out of the running and why

Do something about Gallagher Rd traffic; MUD

Add more handicapped conveyances

I feel it has almost become about making money – too commercial.

Not to worry, the only thing I didn’t enjoy was the weather Sat afternoon

Remembering that it always rains sooner or later at Fair Hill!

Spot a pots were constantly out of paper!!!

I’ll always go to help friends, but wouldn’t bother if I had to PAY to get in.

What one thing would you not change about your experience?

access to all parts of the course


attending the show



Brian O’Conner – he was great.

Everything was very good-wouldn’t change anything

going on cross-country day

going to the event

Going to the event!

Great staff and volunteers. I LOVED the course walk with Roger Haller. I took my students and that was the highlight for us!

I wish I had gone on Saturday

sharing Fair Hill with all as we work to protect access to all

The ability for spectators to get observe (and admire) competitors!

the chance to be there

The feeling you get when you watch a good horse and rider sail over a huge fence with style

The friendly, casual atmosphere that makes you want to linger

The Location!!! Fair Hill is the best!

The opportunity to get close to the jumps

The selection of vendors

the total atmosphere

The variety of events!

Viewing the mounted games competition

Watching the cross country at the water complex