January 2018
Written by Tom Pardoe, MFH Goshen Hounds

A real icon of the foxhunting world in Maryland for approximately a half century has left us for the greener pastures of the great beyond. Having hunted with each of Goshen Hounds’ huntsmen over that period as well as being an active participant in recent times with the New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds, Rick Jones was always recognized as the dapper, well-turned out gentleman who quietly set the standard for dress, appearance, and manners in the hunt field. In addition to that standard, Rick was an exceptional horseman as well. For many years, Rick led the field at Goshen on a one-eyed horse that would flawlessly negotiate the standard coops in the country, with Rick simply turning him slightly so that the “good eye” had a clear view of the obstacle as he approached. 

After the early years of doing everything asked of him in the hunt, from whipping-in to helping at the kennels, in addition to racing over fences, Rick was appointed joint Master with Stanley Stabler and Brian Pickett in 1990. Rick served in that capacity until 2003, serving as the mentor for a variety of joint Masters, but always doing so with a joyous spirit intent on showing sport to the field and providing for a pleasurable day for all.

It was during this time that Rick established the very successful Carriages of the Capital, providing elegant tours of the nation’s capital. It was also at this time that Rick decided to hunt a bit closer to home and joined the New Market-Middletown Valley Hunt where he quickly became known to one and all as “Papa Rick.” Although assuming a bit more “retired” attitude, Rick never relinquished his exquisite taste and turnout.

As the ravages of time slowly diminished Risk’s physical abilities, he would, on occasion, come back to Goshen to see his grandchildren, Mackenzie and Hunter Taylor, ride behind their father Robert Taylor, huntsman and joint Master at Goshen. On several occasions, Rick rode as a hilltopper with joint Master Tom Pardoe in his “black pony” Ford Escape. It was then that the love of the chase that Rick enjoyed so much would emerge. What a joy for those of us that had known Rick for so long to see the shine once again in the eyes of a man that truly loved the sport!

In addition to Hunter and Mackenzie, Rick leaves behind his wife Karen, still whipping-in at Goshen, and daughter Kathy Jones Taylor, who regularly leads the first field at Goshen.