$30,000 in grants is being distributed by the Maryland Horse Industry Board (an ag commodity board housed at the Maryland Department of Agriculture) for 23 projects ranging from training to help animal control workers in equine welfare cases, enhance facilities for inner city children to learn about horses and horsemanship, and restore historic Maryland horse racing films from the 1920s that have never been seen by the public.  Nearly half of this year’s grantees received funding for projects related to 4-H, Pony Club and therapeutic horsemanship programs. (Scroll down to see who is getting a grant.)

Funding for these grants and the Maryland Horse Industry Board is provided by the Maryland Feed Fund, which collects $6 on every ton of horse feed sold in the state. The funding is collected through the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Weights & Measures Section (these are the folks that make sure that when you purchase a gallon of milk or gas is a true gallon, or that 50 lb bag of horse feed is 50 pounds).

Projects are evaluated based on their value to the industry, degree of industry promotion, size and scope of activity, financial need, potential for matching funds, and overall quality of the written presentation. Grants are capped at $3,000 in order to award funds to as many groups as possible. Grant recipients are required to file a project report with the board detailing how the money was used. If they do not file a project report, they are ineligible for future grants.

The Maryland Horse Industry Board was established in 1998 to promote and develop the equine industry in Maryland. Since the Fund was established in 2002, MHIB has awarded over $400,000 in grants to over 300 projects.

For more information about the grants program and how you can apply, stop by the MHIB booth today or tomorrow in the North Hall at Horse World Expo! If you can’t find their booth, stop by our booth for an Equiery Expo Program and we will help you find it.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue: $3,000 To develop training materials to educate officials and professional animal workers involved with investigations and impoundment in cases of potential neglect and/or abuse.

Arabber Preservation Society: $3,000 For the creation of an equine demonstration and education area at the Arabber Center in Baltimore’s Sandown-Winchester neighborhood; project to include fencing to protect the horses.

Harford County Historical Society: $3,000 For the restoration and the transfer to modern media of 18 reels of home movies shot in Maryland at iconic Thoroughbred locations, as well of great horses such as ManO’War and Durbar II; films will then be accessible to the public.

Horse-N-Around 4-H Club: $2,000 For the acquisition of wireless buzzers for 4-H Horse Bowl practice and the acquisition of a horse learning lab kit.

Anne Arundel County Fair: $2,000 For upgrades to improve the safety and functionality of show announcer stand.

Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival: $2,000 To expand the Maryland-based scholarship opportunities within the Mid-Atlantic organization via activities at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center.

Trail Riders of Today: $1,775 To have a professionally designed interactive booth that will allow visitors to virtually explore trails, maneuver obstacles, understand threats to trail sustainability and to learn how new trails are created.

Community Media Center of Carroll County: $1,500  Production of a 10-minute information video (along with 2-minute and 1-minute highlight reels) to promote and to develop sponsorship for the 4-H Therapeutic Riding Program of Carroll County.

USPC NEWCO Seneca Valley Pony Club: $1,381 To create a MHIB branded stadium jump

Maryland Eventing Team: $1,304 To purchase Maryland Terrapin branded “spirit” equipment such as team stall guards, dressage and jumping pads, polo shirts, browbands and a pop up tent to promote the University of Maryland.

LEAD MD Foundation: $1,000 To underwrite the equine education segment of this all-ag program.

Maryland Agriculture Resource Council: $1,000 To purchase a model horse, commission an artist to paint the internal skeleton and organs of the horse.

Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding: $1,000 For a field trip for the patients and families at Children’s Inn of the National Institutes of Health to visit a horse farm in Maryland.

Maryland Horse Council: $1,000 For the acquisition of grassroots lobbying software “Voter Voice.”

Greenwell Foundation, Inc./Therapeutic Riding Program: $1,000 To develop a map of the 650 acre campus in order to be able to expand programming and develop new opportunities to access riding.

Potomac Pony Club: $700 For a new website and promotional materials to help recruit new members.

Fair Hill NRMA: $700 For the printing and distribution of carriage trail maps on waterproof/tearproof paper.

Tuckahoe Pony Club: $550 To help host a Daniel Stewart clinic at a reduced rate for members and the public.

The Children’s Home, Inc. of Baltimore: $750 For a field trip to a horse farm.

Therapeutic & Recreational Riding Center, Inc.: $450 For the acquisition of special helmets to suit rides of differing abilities.

Harford County 4-H Horse Council: $400 To acquire materials to help prep members for Horse Bowls and Horse Judging and Hippology competitions.

John Carroll High School Capstone Project/Second Chances Save Lives Benefit Horse Show: $400: To hire a judge for a benefit horse show to help rescue horses, which will serve as the capstone project for 3 students. Any proceeds will go to local horse rescues.

Pony Express 4-H Club: $370 To acquire sagittal cross sections of equine fore and hind legs for equine anatomy and ailment education.