This is the granddaddy of the foxchasing scholarships offered by the Maryland Steeplechase Association. It is given in recognition of an outstanding season of pony racing, and for exhibiting promising horsemanship and sportsmanship. Recipients are often considered potential candidates for the Kiser Steeplechasing Scholarship.
Scholarship entitles recipient free tuition in the both PHC Hopeful Hunters Seminar and the GSVHC Cubbing Camp, as well as to two caps (one for junior and one for accompanying adult) to chase with the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds, the Potomac Hounds, Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club, Green Spring Valley Hounds and the Marlborough Hunt Club.

Scarlett spend a good portion of this summer working for leading NSA trainer, Jack Fisher and was quickly introduced to starting the work day at 6:00 am and galloping some of the country’s top steeplechase horses. This past spring she took home the trophy for the Leading Large Pony Rider in the Maryland Governor’s Cup Series. She started in 19 junior races over jumps and on the flat with eight wins, five seconds and four thirds. Her mounts included Untamed Hero, Izzy’s Clus Kid and Show A Little Acre.

About Scarlett Lovett
School: Orange County High School
Hometown: Orange, VA

How have race riding and foxchasing affected your riding and what have you learned from them?
Foxhunting, I started when I was 11, I liked it for the speed and jumping. It gave me confidence when running and jumping. You jump a different jump every time, up and down hills, and it is not in a controlled environment. The Junior Field Master Chase Races helped with the racing and learning how to control your horse and run and jump in a pack, in a more controlled environment.

What attracted you to steeplechasing and foxchasing?
Speed and jumping. I am an adrenaline junkie. I also do team penning, cutting and barrel racing. I even used the same pony for team penning as I did in the field master’s chases.

What advice would you give to other young riders interested in “chasing”?
Practice with your horses. It’s fun, you learn a lot, you meet a lot of great people. Just hold on! And when they tell you directions at the start, listen!

What are your goals for foxchasing and jump racing?
As far as jump racing, I’d like to get good at it. I’d like to be a professional jockey later on. I am going to get an education first though, in case I get injured. I whip-in for Lyn Haven Hounds, a private pack right now and before that hunted a lot with Keswick and Bull Run. I would love to get my colors and continue to hunt other challenging hunts.

Have you used your fox chasing scholarship yet?
I plan to use the free caps I won with the scholarship to all of the Maryland Governor’s Cup foxhunts later this winter. I live in Virginia, so Maryland is pretty far away and my mom has been driving me around. Now I have my driver’s license, I hopefully will make it up to Maryland soon!