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This list of lesson and boarding stables is provided by The Equiery as a free public service. The Equiery does not endorse or recommend any stables. For tips on finding options that suit your needs, please see below. For more information about certain stables, please browse the advertisers in the latest issue of The Equiery. In Maryland, any stable offering instruction or boarding (even those stables which only provide boarding as part of a training package) are required by law to be inspected and licensed by the Maryland Horse Industry Board. This licensing is to ensure that the horses receive the minimum standards of care as required by law, and to ensure that the facility and equipment meets basic safety requirements. Licensing is not an endorsement of skills or experience. The Equiery includes all stables in our list, regardless of whether or not they are licensed. For a list of only licensed stables (or to learn more about licensing), please visit the Maryland Horse Industry Board site.

What kind of stable do you want?

L: A “lesson” stable can provide instruction to individuals who do not own a horse. These lessons are provided on horses owned (or leased by) the stable.They may offer any level of instruction, from beginners to advanced riders, but some stables specialize in certain levels of riders.

B: A “boarding” stable is a place where individuals can keep their horses; field and/or stall board may be offered, with full care and/or self care options. Some boarding stables require that horses living at that farm to be in a training program, but we have tried to limit this list to stables which offer boarding without training requirements.

L&B: Some stables offer lesson and boarding opportunities.

Training Stables: Facilities which provide boarding services only to those clients whose horses are in training are not included in this list, but many of them can be found advertising throughout each issue. Training stables often specialize in one riding discipline (such as dressage or reining).

Other Services: There are over 1,600 stables in Maryland offering a variety of services to horse owners, including (but not limited to) training, lessons, boarding, guided trail rides, lay-ups, breeding, mare care and foaling, therapeutic riding, rescuing and sheltering, quarantining, summer camps and much more. For assistance compiling a list of stables that best suit your needs, contact The Equiery at 1-800-244-9580 or

Looking to donate a horse or money to a horse rescue or equine sanctuary? Below you will find a complete list of all the equine rescues in Maryland, but before you donate a horse, money or your time, we urge you to do your due diligence to ensure that the rescue is a legitimate charitable organization with a mission (to care for or re-home horses) that is compatible with your goals. Click here for tips in how to determine whether or not a facility is a legitimate rescue, a big-hearted misguided animal hoarder, or a con artist.


Farm City Phone Type
Dixon’s Quarter Horses Oldtown 301-478-5686 B
Mexico Farms Equestrian Center Cumberland 301-777-9665 L&B
Regal Willow Boarding Stable Cumberland 301-777-7896 B
Spring Gap Farm Cumberland 301-876-0596 L

Anne Arundel

Farm City Phone Type
Abbington Stables Crownsville 410-340-5475 B
Badger’s Retreat Farm Churchton 410-956-2581 B
Baywood Farms, LLC Harwood 410-867-7923 L&B
Beech Grove Farm Gambrills 410-320-3330 L&B
Bluebird Farm Friendship 301-855-7844 B
Bridle Path Equestrian Annapolis 443-254-1876 L
British Riding School Millersville 443-813-0089 L&B
Burrages End Stables Lothian 443-370-8738 B
C & C Stables Davidsonville 410-721-9561 L&B
Chaney’s Promise Farm Lothian 410-741-9089 B
Clarity Riding Davidsonville 410-279-4677 L&B
CLM Show Stables Edgewater 410-299-4030 L&B
Crab Creek Farm Annapolis 410-263-1518 B
Cross Creek Farm Hanover 410-796-7230 B
Dun-Pikin Farm Pasadena 410-255-3918 L&B
Easy Rider Ranch Hanover 410-859-0098 L&B
En-Tice-Ment Stables at Obligation Farm Harwood 410-798-4980 L&B
Exalt Farm Harwood 410-867-3310 L&B
Fallsway Farm Jessup 410-227-1807 B
Fence Post Farm Pasadena 410-255-7652 L&B
Fiddlers Folly Edgewater 301-904-5764 B
Gayfields Farm Pasadena 410-255-7000 B
Glenwood Farm, LLC Harwood 410-279-6463 B
Greenock Hills Stables Lothian 410-741-1172 B
Harmony Ridge Stable Lothian 410-271-1021 L&B
Heritage Farm Harwood 410-867-4077 L&B
Hidden View Stables Crownsville 410-507-5598 L&B
High Tide Farm Pasadena 410-320-3091 L&B
Highland Farm Davidsonville 410-798-0147 B
Holiday Stables Harwood 443-336-5574 L&B
Hopewell Farm Owings 310-612-8392 B
Hunter Ridge Davidsonville 301-802-1652 L&B
J & S Stables Deale 443-336-0753 B
Land’s End Farm Harwood 410-867-0389 B
Life’s Quest Farm, LLC Harwood 410-867-2224 B
LKM Dressage Lothian 908-451-7827 B
Lyons Creek Stables Tracy’s Landing 443-994-4710 B
Magnolia Farm Harwood 410-798-5075 B
Mane Event at Andover EC Linthicum Heights 443-457-0232 L&B
Mockingbird Hill Farm Pasadena 443-286-7674 B
Morningside Stables, LLC Linthicum Heights 410-508-8813 L&B
Navillus Farm Davidsonville 410-798-1992 L&B
Neigh’s on the Bay Pasadena 410-608-6946 B
Nicker’s Retreat Gambrills 443-618-0818 L&B
Oak Crest Farm Harwood 410-867-1788 L&B
Oakland Ridge Farm, LLC Harwood 410-867-6646 L&B
Old Bay Farm Millersville 410-923-1122 B
Reality Inn Farm Harwood 410-268-1697 B
Reilly Farm Edgewater 410-798-8428 B
Ridout-Brice Farm Annapolis 410-757-1687 B
Roedown Farm Davidsonville 443-801-3909 B
Six Ms Farm West River 410-867-0380 B
Stellar Riding Davidsonville 443-333-9116 L
Summerfield Farm Lothian 301-291-5742 L&B
Tag Along Farm Davidsonville 410-798-6660 L&B
The Riehl Farm Pasadena 443-324-1844 B
Triple Turn Farm Pasadena 443-848-1924 L&B
True Blue Equestrian Crownsville 410-268-1750 L&B
Turn Around Farm Davidsonville 410-570-0072 L&B
Unbridled Equine Gambrills 410-320-1327 L&B
Water’s End Farm Annapolis 410-267-7174 L&B
Wayside Farm Dunkirk 240-882-7400 B
Weston Farm Harwood 410-867-0441 B
Willow Glenn Farm Davidsonville 410-798-1635 L&B
Woodlyn Farm Annapolis 410-353-8350 B
YMCA Camp Letts Equestrian Center Edgewater 410-919-1410 L


Farm City Phone Type
Airy Hills Farm Baltimore 410-701-7616 B
Amazing Grace Equestrian Center, LLC Parkton 443-528-7521 L&B
AOPF Stables Upperco 678-899-3401 B
At Last Farm Woodstock 410-227-4733 B
Belmont Farm Glyndon 410-833-9091 L&B
Boxwood Farm Monkton 410-472-9851 L&B
Camelot Farm, Inc. Monkton 410-908-0083 L&B
Caves Farm Owings Mills 410-998-3999 L&B
City Ranch Inc Windsor Mill 410-456-2195 L&B
Corbett Manor Farm Monkton 410-329-3940 B
Delaware Farm Glyndon 410-812-6716 B
Dream Catch Equine White Hall 443-255-0685 L
Epoch Farm Reisterstown 410-429-0993 B
Fair Play Farm White Hall 410-343-0342 B
Family Prospect Farm Sparks 410-472-0391 B
Fat Pony Farm Baldwin 443-386-2522 B
Featherdown Sparks 410-472-4390 L&B
Fox Folly Farm, Inc. Baldwin 410-592-8733 B
GaitAway Stables Randallstown 410-655-3161 L&B
Garrison Forest School Stable Owings Mills 410-559-3450 L&B
GoldenRay Farm White Hall 410-357-9158 L&B
Good to Go Farm Upperco 443-744-8502 L&B
Graham Equestrian Center Glen Arm 410-663-4445 L&B
Gunpowder Riding Stables Hydes 443-310-7147 L&B
Harvest Moon Stables Reisterstown 760-540-9304 L&B
Hawks Hollow Farm Kingsville 443-414-8199 L&B
Helmore Farm Brooklandville 443-797-9987 L&B
Hidden Ridge Farm Hampstead 410-652-7189 B
Horse & Hive Farm Hydes 410-960-2332 B
Horsey Heaven Monkton 410-329-3244 L
Hunter Hills Farm, Inc. Baltimore 410-913-6872 B
Indian Lake Upperco 443-891-3189 L&B
J-Mar Stables Monkton 410-472-4475 L&B
Loblolly Farm Hampstead 443-507-0325 L&B
Looking Glass Stables Hydes 410-593-7601 L&B
Manor Hill Farm Glen Arm 410-592-7422 B
Marlan Farm Freeland 410-357-4907 L&B
Mint Meadows Farm Parkton 443-616-8237 L
Misty Blue Farm Reisterstown 410-526-0076 B
Moondance Farm, LLC Monkton 410-472-4745 L&B
Mooreland Farm Reisterstown 484-356-4981 L&B
Nor Mar Farm Freeland 410-357-4926 B
Offutt Ridge Farm Woodstock 410-922-1302 L
Patapsco Horse Center Catonsville 410-988-5608 L&B
Peace of Mind Horse Farm Reisterstown 410-429-0004 B
Petticoat’s Advance Upperco 410-239-1444 B
Pheasant Meadow Baltimore 443-986-2538 B
Pinebloom Monkton 410-472-2376 B
Pleasant Knoll Farm Baldwin 410-917-4200 B
Pleasant Valley Stables Glen Arm 410-882-0388 L&B
Rendez-Vous Farm Parkton 410-343-2142 B
Richfield Farm Phoenix 410-718-3065 B
Rockland Barn Brooklandville 410-825-1910 B
Rolling Hill Farm Windsor Mill 443-255-1560 B
Rowdy Acres Farm Marriottsville 410-922-2038 B
Rump Shaker Farm Middle River 443-324-5256 L&B
Santos Sport Horses Hampstead 760-473-9646 B
Spring Hollow Farm Sparks 443-904-0666 L&B
St. Timothy’s School Stevenson 410-486-5483 L&B
Stockbridge Manor Farm Glen Arm 410-967-4804 B
Stonehill Monkton 410-472-4442 L
Sunnybrooke Farm Phoenix 410-491-2952 B
Tanyard Ridge Farm Sparks Glencoe 410-472-2555 L&B
Thornridge Manor Glen Arm 410-592-9594 L&B
Timberbrook Farm Freeland 410-357-8236 L&B
Top Barr Ranch at Camp Puh’Tok Monkton 410-329-6590 L
Total Returns Farm Monkton 410-382-8984 L&B
Tranquillity Manor Farms Monkton 410-666-2518 L&B
Urban Ridge Farm Owings Mills 410-456-4291 L&B
Vineyard’s Edge Farm Sparks 410-299-1681 L
Walberth Farm Baldwin 410-592-7260 L&B
Walkabout Crossing Upperco 410-239-0193 B
Woodbrook Farm LLC Monkton 443-834-9321 L&B
Young Man’s Fancy Manchester 410-374-0000 B


Farm City Phone Type
Bit of Heaven Horse Farm Owings 443-454-7154 B
Cage Stables St. Leonard 410-586-0801 L&B
Canaan Farms, Inc. Huntingtown 410-257-0706 L&B
Country Haven Stables St. Leonard 434-404-7202 L&B
Cypress Stables Prince Frederick 443-624-2368 L&B
Dakota’s Legacy Stables Leonardtown 301-752-6550 L&B
Double J Stables Owings 301-855-7080 L&B
Fresh Meadows Huntingtown 410-535-9700 B
Lucky Cricket Farm, LLC Huntingtown 410-610-4849 L&B
New Era Farm Huntingtown 410-535-5204 L
Oak Hill Stables Port Republic 410-586-0679 L&B
Patuxent Run Stables Prince Frederick 443-975-4003 L&B
Reverie Acres Riding Acadamy Port Republic 443-968-2091 L&B
Riverview Stables Prince Frederick 443-624-8087 L&B
Rose Farm Horse Center St. Leonard 410-586-1617 L&B
Stillwater Farm Huntingtown 443-975-6624 L&B
Twin Creeks Farm Owings 410-257-5055 L&B
Twin Creeks Stables Port Republic 410-586-2558 B
Tynewydd Riding Club St. Leonard 410-610-4340 L
Waterside Farm Prince Frederick 443-684-4841 L&B
Willow Hill Farm St. Leonard 410-495-7828 B


Farm City Phone Type
Campbells Lane Farm Preston 410-310-8033 L&B
Close Up Show Stables Preston 410-829-2693 L
Daffin House Stables Denton 443-521-0283 B
Dusty Acres Denton 443-448-4273 B
Fair Meadows Farm Ridgely 410-634-9854 L
Fox Shadow Farm, LLC Preston 410-673-2634 B
Harris Paints Federalsburg 410-754-9566 B
Idylwild Farm Federalsburg 410-754-9141 L
Jewel’s Landing Ridgely 410-634-1436 L&B
River’s Edge Ranch Greensboro 443-262-6936 L
Timber Grove Farm Preston 443-786-1359 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
5 & Dime Show Stables Sykesville 443-455-0318 L&B
AK Stables Mt. Airy 410-206-2750 L&B
Amity Horse Farm New Windsor 410-984-3550 L&B
Aspiring Heights Farm Westminster 410-848-1431 L&B
Best Intentions Farm Westminster 410-336-6908 L&B
Boldwyn Farm Westminster 443-375-2789 L&B
Brave Venture Farm Finksburg 410-795-0695 L&B
Broken Wheel Farm Finksburg 410-861-8910 B
Camelot Stables Westminster 410-346-6065 B
Cardinal Mill Farm Westminster 410-967-0569 L&B
Castle’s Retreat Union Bridge 443-618-6438 B
Cherry Valley Equestrian Center, LLC Sykesville 410-971-0235 B
Circle E Farm, LLC Sykesville 410-596-1029 L&B
Combined Effort Farm Glen Arm 443-912-0644 L&B
Come Monday Farm Woodbine 443-506-9916 B
Country Hill Farm Westminster 410-876-2950 L&B
Darenth Farm Mt. Airy 301-471-1254 L&B
Dream Bigger Equestrian Woodbine 410-596-5297 L
Flying Chesterfield Farm Keymar 410-775-1770 B
Forever Spring Sykesville 410-218-0415 B
Four Quarters Farm Hampstead 443-340-2456 L&B
Fox Quarter Farm Union Bridge 410-775-7605 L&B
Full Moon Farm, LLC Finksburg 410-795-8371 L&B
Glendevon Stables New Windsor 301-706-4642 L&B
Grace Haven Farm Hampstead 410-375-9452 B
Gypsy Hill Farm Westminster 410-346-7076 B
Happy on Hooves Hampstead 443-507-6558 L
Hectic Hill Farm Woodbine 410-549-6020 B
Hidden Acres Farm Manchester 410-239-3326 B
Hidden Brook Stables Woodbine 410-218-7066 L&B
Hideaway Farm Westminster 410-346-6070 L&B
High Ridge Farm Manchester 443-375-0140 L&B
Hope Floats Equestrian Taneytown 410-861-7977 L&B
Horse Country Farm Sykesville 410-552-5550 B
Hunter Crest Farm Westminster 443-324-4817 L&B
JD Farms & Kennel Westminster 443-974-1936 L&B
K-2 Show Stables Westminster 410-751-6404 L
Liberty Stables Finksburg 410-552-0606 L&B
Liberty View Farm, LLC Finksburg 410-795-6769 L&B
Lightning Bolt Farm Westminster 410-848-3887 L&B
Lone Wolf Ranch Westminster 540-607-0334 B
Longwood Stables Silver Run 301-418-1440 B
Maple Grove Equine Services, Inc Hampstead 410-302-9430 B
Middlefield Farm Taneytown 410-596-5586 L&B
Mill Dale Farm, Inc New Windsor 410-635-6819 B
Mill’s Farm Westminster 410-209-0373 L&B
Misty Manor Farm, Inc Marriottsville 410-781-4810 L&B
Nagrom Farm Westminster 410-346-6448 L&B
New Lead Farm Westminster 410-504-4067 L&B
Normandy Equestrian Center New Windsor 410-635-3166 L
Northstar Eventing Woodbine 443-257-1340 L&B
Oak Ridge Farm Westminster 443-340-8305 L&B
Oak Tree Farm Westminster 410-346-6878 L&B
Painted Dreams Farm Taneytown 443-254-2113 B
Painted Horsepower Farm Finksburg 410-802-4855 L&B
Persimmon Tree Farm Westminster 410-876-8645 B
Pickwick Stables Sykesville 410-795-4000 L&B
Pipe Creek Farm New Windsor 443-375-9941 B
Rainbow Valley Farm Union Bridge 410-875-2284 B
Rising Star Farm Woodbine 301-452-4951 L&B
River Valley Ranch Manchester 443-712-1010 L
Roan Hill Farm Westminster 410-635-6229 L&B
Rockland Breeze Farm Westminster 410-259-5871 L&B
Rockland Stables Westminster 717-451-7065 B
Scarlet Estate Stables Mt. Airy 443-851-7977 L&B
Scenic Vista Westminster 410-857-3283 B
Separate Peace Farm Westminster 410-346-7653 B
Serra Valley Farms Mt. Airy 443-605-3281 L&B
Ship’s Quarters Farm Westminster 301-471-1254 L&B
Spring Brook Farm, LLC Finksburg 410-848-0868 L&B
Spring Fever Farm Mt. Airy 301-829-5048 L&B
Spring Hill Farm Hampstead 410-374-6478 L&B
Starlit Stables Sykesville 410-552-5515 B
Stoneyfield Stable Westminster 410-875-2533 B
Sugar Valley Farm Manchester 410-374-9626 B
Sunny Knoll Farm Finksburg 410-549-2023 L&B
Sweet Rock Stables Manchester 410-374-3870 L&B
Talbot Run Equestrian Center, LLC Mt. Airy 301-648-7602 L&B
Tara Ridge Farm New Windsor 410-875-2050 B
Thompson Valley Farm Manchester 443-974-8529 B
Thunder Valley Ranch Taneytown 301-908-1738 B
Tranquil Valley Farm Westminster 410-848-3623 L&B
What Luck Farm Woodbine 410-241-7236 B
Winfield Farm Woodbine 443-277-9780 L&B
Wisteria Show Stables Taneytown 410-707-8248 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Appleton Equestrian Elkton 410-398-1466 L&B
Arundel Hill Farm Elkton 302-561-4666 L&B
As You Wish Farm Rising Sun 302-750-5354 L&B
Belle Rouge Farm North East 410-398-5442 B
Blue Waters Farm Chesapeake City 410-885-2053 L
Bohemia Creek Stables Warwick 410-755-6240 L&B
Bohemia River EC Warwick 443-485-7979 L&B
Clover Ridge Stables Elkton 302-244-2326 L&B
Double R Farm Rising Sun 443-945-4150 B
Fair Hill Stables Elkton 410-620-3883 L&B
Fairwinds Stables North East 410-658-8187 L
Faithful Hooves Elkton 443-410-1048 B
Foxwood Farm Lewisville 410-392-9751 B
Geronimo Farm Elkton 410-620-4659 L&B
Golden Kay Stables North East 410-920-5125 B
Granite Springs Stables Warwick 302-373-3008 L&B
Grove Point Stables Earleville 252-305-3421 B
Happy Appy Acres Elkton 443-553-6184 L&B
Hopewell Training Center Port Deposit 443-207-2068 L&B
Horseshoe Hill Stables Elkton 410-287-2461 L&B
Irish Tulip Farm Chesapeake City 410-275-8455 L&B
LaLoma Stables Rising Sun 410-658-0043 L&B
LarkSpur Stables Port Deposit 443-643-5353 L
Lewisville Stables Elkton 302-299-3987 L&B
LG Equestrian Center, LLC Port Deposit 410-378-4339 B
Mystic Knights Stable Port Deposit 302-544-2607 L
Nickquenum Stables Chesapeake City 302-545-7450 B
Painted Horses Ranch Elkton 831-801-7549 L&B
Rolling Hills Ranch Port Deposit 410-378-3817 L&B
Rosemont Farm Port Deposit 443-760-0000 B
Royal Equestrian Center Chesapeake City 410-920-6323 L&B
Silver Fern Faem Earleville 443-466-6077 L&B
Stone Creek Stable, Inc Earleville 410-275-8149 B
The Stables at Cedar Farm Rising Sun 443-309-0159 B
Three Plain Bays, Inc Conowingo 410-378-0641 B
Tuckaway Chesapeake City 443-603-3352 L&B
Whispering Hollow North East 410-688-3127 L&B
White Oak Stables Elkton 410-620-9861 L&B
Whoa Nellie Farm Rising Sun 410-392-6759 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Baker’s Willow Oaks Bryans Road 301-375-8946 B
Cameo Acres, LLC Waldorf 301-645-2969 B
El Ammal Farm Charlotte Hall 301-753-4016 L&B
Flatland Farm Welcome 301-934-6802 L&B
Follow Your Dreams Farm La Plata 301-753-5191 B
Frederick Hall Equestrian Services, LLC Waldorf 240-417-8412 B
Halloran Lane Stable LLC Charlotte Hall 301-934-2581 B
High Way Stables La Plata 301-609-7881 B
Kiddy Up Hughesville 301-385-6809 L
King Edward Stable La Plata 301-934-8309 L&B
Linden Farm, Inc La Plata 301-934-9003 L&B
Longevity Farm La Plata 301-934-3824 L&B
Maizemoor Stables Waldorf 301-888-1535 L&B
Melwood Recreation Ctr. Nanjemoy 301-870-3226 L
Pope’s Creek Stable La Plata 301-643-0631 L&B
Red Gate Farm Indian Head 301-743-5948 B
Rose Hill Farm Port Tobacco 301-423-4474 B
South Breeze Equestrian Center Bryantown 240-528-8119 L&B
Southern Grace Farm Bel Alton 240-298-3518 L&B
Traveller’s Rest Farm Hughesville 301-922-7029 B
Triple D Farm Port Tobacco 240-427-8400 B
Woodhaven Park Farm LaPlata 301-542-6550 L
Yuletide Pines Farm Port Tobacco 240-320-4385 L


Farm City Phone Type
God Speed School of Horsemanship Cambridge 410-330-3020 L&B
Red Gate Stables Cambridge 410-228-0516 L&B
Windy Way Horses Hurlock 443-205-3429 L


Farm City Phone Type
20/20 Horsemanship Adamstown 703-973-0780 B
Ambassadors Center fro Equine Service Rocky Ridge 717-215-5103 L&B
Andelain Farm Thurmont 301-271-0029 L&B
Aned Farms Jefferson 301-834-6302 B
Aviemore Farm Adamstown 301-831-1275 B
Bennett’s Creek Farm Frederick 240-699-0127 B
Black Dog Farm LLC Frederick 301-831-8580 L&B
Bloomsbury Forge Frederick 301-874-3250 B
Breezy Hill Stables Thurmont 240-674-3856 L&B
Bush Creek Farm Monrovia 301-865-1325 B
By Chance Farm Union Bridge 301-898-0008 B
Cedar Brook Stables Union Bridge 443-398-0398 B
Cedar Rowe Farm Rocky Ridge 301-447-6240 L&B
Celebration Farm Union Bridge 443-745-0207 B
Centerline Farm Union Bridge 410-775-3001 L&B
Cook’s Choice at Spring Blessing Union Bridge 443-745-6848 B
Dark Horse Dressage Rocky Ridge 301-271-1961 L
Dearbought Farm Thurmont 443-848-3101 L&B
Dedication Dressage Jefferson 410-980-0275 L&B
Destination Farm Dickerson 410-615-3673 L&B
Diamond L Stables Frederick 240-997-5266 L&B
Dog Tired Farm Sabillasville 240-285-1246 L&B
Double J Farm Union Bridge 301-898-7436 B
Double Rock Farm Rocky Ridge 301-447-3550 L&B
Dream Catcher Farm Adamstown 301-607-4238 L&B
Elijah’s Breath Stables Frederick 301-698-9992 B
Emerald Hills Farm Mt. Airy 301-829-7117 B
EverAfter Adamstown 301-874-6990 L&B
Feel Good Farm LLC Tuscarora 240-344-0345 L
Finding Hearts Farm Frederick 240-409-1107 L&B
Forward Strides, LLC Mt. Airy 443-744-3898 L
Free Spirit Stables Frederick 301-693-8457 L&B
Gaits of Hope Mt. Airy 301-471-0122 L
Glen Willow, Inc Jefferson 301-473-9091 B
Good Friday Farm, Inc Ijamsville 301-662-2532 L&B
Good Intentions Farm Keymar 410-804-3685 B
Harley Farm Middletown 301-371-6201 B
Helliesen Farms Inc Mt. Airy 301-829-0777 B
Hickory Knoll Farm, LLC Thurmont 301-898-8723 L&B
Hidden Hills Horse Farm Frederick 301-865-1092 B
Homestead Farm Middletown 240-409-9300 B
Hunt Club Equine Center Middletown 301-471-8994 L&B
Hunting Horn Farm New Market 301-865-5757 L&B
J & C Ranch Union Bridge 443-289-6103 L&B
Jill D. Grove Farm Frederick 301-663-9019 B
JM Performance Horses Myersville 240-626-1283 L&B
Justa Dream Farm, LLC Thurmont 240-446-6505 L&B
KT Performance Horses Adamstown 240-876-6523 L
Long Lane Farm Buckeystown 301-788-3926 B
Middle Ridge Farm Middletown 301-305-6440 L&B
Middletown Farm, LLC Middletown 301-371-8743 B
Miles Ahead Farm Adamstown 240-626-3105 L&B
Misty Peaks Farm Smithsburg 301-416-0744 L&B
Motters Station Stables Rocky Ridge 301-370-5417 B
Mountain Meadow Farm Frederick 301-662-9947 B
Never Blue Farm Frederick 301-898-6990 L&B
New Beginnings at PVF Adamstown 301-693-8457 B
New Blessing Farm Mt. Airy 443-975-1008 B
New Leaf Acres Keymar 443-864-0940 L&B
New World Stables Frederick 301-717-4894 L&B
North Fork School of Equitation Jefferson 301-834-9744 L
O’Neill Farm Emmitsburg 301-748-6874 B
Olde Timer’s Stable New Market 301-332-4464 B
Our Farm, Inc Mt. Airy 301-829-0008 L&B
Paradise Stables Mt. Airy 301-865-4800 L&B
Peace of Mind Dressage Frederick 609-651-6526 L&B
Plantation Valley Stables Middletown 240-674-9349 L&B
Playland Equestrian Center Union Bridge 301-788-1188 L&B
Pleasant Fields Farm Union Bridge 410-635-6060 B
Pleasant Ridge Farm, LLC Walkersville 301-304-0739 L&B
Pleasant Valley Farm Middletown 301-712-7007 L&B
Pogue Mahone Farm Jefferson 301-639-4378 B
Raylyn Farm Frederick 301-662-6683 B
Reichs Ford Farm Ijamsville 240-674-4825 B
Riley Meadows Frederick 410-598-5209 L&B
River’s Edge Farm Frederick 301-471-8669 B
Rose Hill Farm Mt. Airy 301-829-0568 B
RT & 3L Farm Jefferson 301-639-0751 L&B
Saddleview Ranch Frederick 301-831-8715 B
Saw Horse Farm Middletown 301-371-7008 B
Serendipity Horse Meadows Walkersville 301-514-5671 L&B
Silhouette Stables Myersville 301-293-1268 L
Silverado Stables Thurmont 301-898-7645 L&B
Springbrook Emmitsburg 443-974-0511 B
Stable Minds Adamstown 301-748-1574 L&B
Stepping Stone Stables Mt. Airy 240-439-7199 B
Stillpoint Farm Mt. Airy 301-829-6950 B
Storm Watch Farm Dickerson 301-831-8175 B
Stunkel’s Farm Tuscarora 301-874-2146 L
Summers Performance Myersville 240-356-7022 L
Sunset Ridge Farm Mt. Airy 240-409-6473 B
Sunset Valley Farm, LLC Union Bridge 240-405-0283 L&B
The Sevens Ranch Frederick 240-818-6514 B
Thunder Mountain Stables Keymar 301-471-3930 B
Thunderhill Farms Myersville 240-529-3320 L&B
Tierra Roja Ranch Rocky Ridge 301-271-4649 B
Triple J Farm Union Bridge 410-775-2032 B
Urbana Riding Club Frederick 301-874-2000 L&B
Walden Line Farm LLC Frederick 301-831-4067 B
Whiskey Ridge Farm Frederick 301-606-6039 B
White Rock View Adamstown 301-509-8478 L&B
Winding Creek Farm Union Bridge 410-775-1686 L&B
Windsong Arabians Mt. Airy 301-831-5083 L&B
Windy Meadows Emmitsburg 301-447-2220 B
Woodvale Farms Frederick 682-365-2333 B


Farm City Phone Type
Agape Farm McHenry 301-501-6680 B
Aggravatin’ Acres McHenry 301-746-8257 B
Broken Spokes Stable, LLC Oakland 301-616-4681 L&B
Circle R Ranch, LLC Oakland 301-387-6890 L&B
Hidden Creek Farm Friendsville 301-746-8259 B
Hidden Meadow Farm Oakland 301-334-9520 B
Miner Hickory Farm Grantsville 240-727-9087 L&B
Reflecting Heaven Stables Grantsville 814-279-4952 L&B
Sunny Slope Stables, Inc Oakland 301-334-4834 L&B
Western Trails Oakland 301-387-6155 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Bay Meadow Farm Bel Air 410-458-1517 L&B
Birch Mill Farm Havre de Grace 410-746-5185 L&B
Bit By Bit Stables Jarrettsville 410-557-7749 L
Bonds Forest Farm Fallston 410-877-7015 B
Bridgefield Farm Fallston 410-893-1247 B
Capall Milis Stables Forest Hill 410-592-3143 L&B
Chestnut Springs Farm Jarrettsville 410-627-2637 B
Churchville Stables Churchville 443-807-2910 B
Claddagh Manor Farm Churchville 410-303-1530 L&B
Clayton Ridge Horse Farm Joppa 443-243-0480 L&B
Cool Meadows Farm Jarrettsville 443-499-2498 L&B
Cool Spring Stables Bel Air 410-734-9235 B
Countless Blessings Farm Jarrettsville 443-307-6625 B
D’Anna Villa Havre de Grace 410-960-1727 B
Dawn’s Jubilee Farm Bel Air 410-273-6645 B
Durham Cross Farm Fallston 410-692-6183 L&B
Eagle’s Overlook Farm Whiteford 443-617-1680 B
Edwards Equestrian Facility Joppa 410-404-0606 B
Far From The Usual White Hall 443-250-8017 B
First Proper Farm Churchville 443-528-8351 B
Flying K Farm Joppa 410-676-1658 B
Forest View Farms, LLC Forest Hill 410-808-7488 L&B
Fox Creek Farm Churchville 410-734-7392 L&B
Friendship Farm Street 443-910-4299 L&B
Gladden Farm Street 410-937-2435 B
Half Halt Farm Churchville 443-307-1400 L&B
Harmony Hill Stables Churchville 410-734-7046 L&B
High Point Hills Forest Hill 410-803-1868 B
Holy Cross Farm Street 410-836-1891 B
Hope Valley Farm Street 410-399-0000 L&B
Ives Lee Jarrettsville 410-557-2854 L&B
Jack Straw Farm White Hall 410-692-9291 L&B
Jarrettsville Farm Jarrettsville 410-557-0157 B
Legacy Stables Aberdeen 410-914-7669 L&B
Lis-Lyn Farm Jarrettsville 410-404-6506 L&B
Meadow Branch Farm Forest Hill 410-836-7146 B
Menagerie Farm Forest Hill 410-638-8674 L
Molly Hill Farm Whiteford 410-452-0373 L&B
Nanasau Farm Joppa 410-877-7606 B
New Covert Farm White Hall 410-692-9662 L
Normandy Farm Street 410-893-7983 L&B
Old Forge Hill Farm Street 410-937-4258 L&B
Olney Farm Joppa 410-877-7690 L&B
On Course Equestrian Services Havre de Grace 443-417-8195 L&B
Paddock Place Equestrian Center Pylesville 410-952-2617 L&B
Perseverance Farm Whiteford 410-459-9051 B
Plum Tree Run Farm Bel Air 410-838-4900 L&B
Princess Farm White Hall 410-557-2607 B
Ray-An Farm Forest Hill 410-557-7481 B
Red Echo Equine Arts Street 410-692-0251 L
Rolling Acres Farm Jarrettsville 443-807-9791 L&B
Rolling Meadows Farm Forest Hill 410-803-9662 B
Rustic Springs Farm Street 410-893-7191 B
Serenity Hill Farm Street 410-688-5312 B
Skillman Stables Forest Hill 443-617-1474 L&B
Split Second Farm Bel Air 410-836-6507 L&B
Stratford Farm Whiteford 410-262-5638 B
Touch of Class Riding Aberdeen 410-688-9247 L&B
Twin Stream Farm Pylesville 410-452-0143 L
Windswept Stables Aberdeen 410-734-7740 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
A Deck Above Farm Mt. Airy 443-277-1298 B
Aisling Stables Glenwood 443-718-0195 L&B
Bay View Farm Fulton 410-923-2809 L&B
Blue Fox Sport Horses Woodbine 301-802-9052 B
Bonafide Stables Glenwood 443-277-4336 B
Buck’s Haven Farm Highland 301-854-2018 B
Burning Benjamins Clarksville 207-862-3828 L&B
Camelot Farm Clarksville 301-854-1371 L&B
Cedar Lane Farm Woodbine 410-258-6711 B
Cedar Lane Equestrian Center West Friendship 443-538-8550 B
Clover Ridge Clarksville 410-531-2370 L
Columbia Horse Center Laurel 301-776-5850 L&B
Covered Bridge Stables Woodbine 301-980-8268 B
Down on the Farm Woodbine 410-489-5418 B
Dream’s End Farm Mt. Airy 410-549-8054 B
Encore Stables Fulton 301-526-8273 B
Eternal Spirit Farm, LLC Dayton 410-531-7873 B
Fine Idea Farm Mt. Airy 301-814-5887 L&B
Fox Chapel Farm Woodbine 301-854-5572 B
Greenwood Stables, LLC Sykesville 410-489-4306 L&B
Harwood Farm Woodbine 410-489-4547 B
Hidden Lane Farm Woodbine 301-606-2341 L&B
Hide-Away Acres, LLC Sykesville 443-277-5308 L&B
Hunter Hollow Mt. Airy 410-489-3656 L&B
Hydeaway Trails Highland 443-472-6333 L&B
Kaiss Farm Cooksville 303-918-0870 B
Karmic Run Stables Mt. Airy 443-838-6448 B
Keep Stables Woodbine 913-710-5792 B
Landslide Stables Dayton 410-531-1096 B
Le Cheval Glenwood 410-977-7989 L
Liberty Stables Mt. Airy 301-831-0138 B
Longview Farm Mt. Airy 410-984-2501 B
Many Blessings Woodbine 410-489-7879 B
Marriottsville Ridge, Inc Marriottsville 443-745-3739 L&B
Maternal Gift Farm, Inc Sykesville 410-489-6083 L
MBR Equestrian Ventures Woodbine 410-489-9000 L&B
Merry Acres Farm Ellicott City 410-531-2360 B
Misty Meadows Stables Cooksville 410-489-7904 L&B
Partnership Farm Woodstock 301-928-3256 B
Patapsco River Stables LLC Sykesville 443-994-8146 L&B
Patapsco Stables Marriottsville 443-562-0571 L&B
Paternal Gift Farm Highland 301-466-2200 B
Pheasant Acres Farm Woodbine 410-442-1641 B
Piper’s Run Glenwood 410-489-6623 B
Pleasant Prospect Farm Brookeville 443-375-6448 L&B
River’s Edge Farm Marriottsville 443-469-8311 L&B
Safe Haven Farm Sykesville 410-442-5177 L
SB Equine Woodbine 413-325-1660 L&B
Serenity Farm West Friendship 410-259-1080 L&B
Stonebrook Farm Clarksville 410-531-6641 L&B
Summer Hill Farm West Friendship 410-489-4642 B
Sweet Sunday Farm Woodbine 301-758-6662 B
Tara Equestrian Center West Friendship 301-580-8051 L&B
Therapeutic & Recreational Riding Glenwood 410-489-5100 L
Thistlehill Farm Woodbine 410-489-4752 B
Treeline Springs Farm Marriottsville 410-707-5473 L&B
Willow Pond Farm Highland 410-531-5095 B
Willow Wood Woodbine 443-286-7196 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Airy Hill Stables Chestertown 410-778-2479 L&B
Dogwood Lane Farm Worton 410-778-3635 B
Glasgow Farm Millington 410-928-3542 B
Humphrey’s Point Farm Rock Hall 410-708-9184 L&B
Kent County Equestrian Center Chestertown 410-778-1881 L&B
Semper Fi Fields Chestertown 443-520-6602 B
Seven Hills Stables Worton 302-382-4709 B
Worthmore Equestrian Center Worton 410-348-2055 L&B
YMCA Camp Tockwogh Worton 410-348-6000 L


Farm City Phone Type
A Bit Better Farm Brookeville 301-774-7258 L&B
Alsikkan Farm Germantown 703-400-9108 B
Around the Mountain Farm Dickerson 301-613-3047 B
Avenel Potomac 301-983-3017 B
Banbury Cross Farm Clarksburg 301-253-4669 B
Banner Country Stables Gaithersburg 301-972-4692 B
Bascule Farm Poolesville 301-972-8943 L&B
Belle Cote Farm Burtonsville 301-641-8594 B
Beyond a Bay Farm Poolesville 540-379-7540 B
Big Easy Farm Boyds 301-537-5015 L&B
Bit of Luck Boyds 301-528-6463 L
Briarly Farm Poolesville 301-349-4540 B
Brinklow Stables Brinklow 240-599-6602 B
Broad Field Farm Gaithersburg 301-774-1464 L&B
Broad Run Farm Poolesville 301-349-4470 L&B
Brooke Grove Farm Olney 301-774-2244 B
Butler School Darnestown 301-977-6669 L
Calleva Poolesville 301-216-1248 L
Callithea Farm Potomac 301-977-7682 B
Camp Olympia Derwood 301-926-9281 L&B
Canterbury Farm Boyds 301-349-2497 L&B
Catching Dreams Stables Poolesville 240-401-6129 L&B
Cattail River Farm Damascus 240-460-7159 B
Centurion Farm Poolesville 301-801-2790 L&B
Cherry Meadows Derwood 240-688-9980 B
Congressional Polo Poolesville 301-675-9551 L&B
Corgi Glen Farm Beallsville 240-506-4376 L&B
Dee Dee’s All Around Horses Poolesville 208-870-9531 L&B
Doc’s Haven Farm Poolesville 301-452-6420 L&B
Double C Farm Clarksburg 301-307-5774 L&B
Dream Big Show Stables Brookeville 240-551-6531 B
Equine Therapy Associates Poolesville 301-972-7833 L
ESP Farm Brookeville 301-260-0050 L&B
Finer Points Farm Mt. Airy 301-980-0762 B
Four Winds Farm Boyds 301-428-1779 B
Glenn Ridge Farm Clarksburg 301-349-4810 L&B
Gone Away Farm Poolesville 301-919-6482 B
Good News Stable Barnesville 301-353-1195 L&B
Great Strides Damascus 301-253-1166 L&B
Greystoke Farm, LLC Gaithersburg 301-318-1686 L&B
Greystone Farm Brookeville 301-924-2612 L&B
Harkaway Farm Poolesville 301-367-8069 B
Harmony Farms Poolesville 334-389-5473 B
Hi-Horse Farm Potomac 240-620-4830 L&B
Hullfields Woodbine 410-917-1727 B
Hunt View Riding Acadamy Germantown 240-477-9491 L&B
Hunters Creek Farm Mt. Airy 301-253-6504 B
JET Stone LLC Dickerson 412-716-9280 L&B
King’s Valley Stables Clarksburg 301-651-9531 L&B
Kruhm Farm Burtonsville 301-384-4485 B
Lakeside Stables Poolesville 301-461-3054 L&B
Little Bitty Farm Damascus 301-391-6683 B
Locks Edge, LLC Poolesville 301-972-1183 B
LR Performance Horses Gaithersburg 443-280-7327 L & B
M&L Stables Burtonsville 240-447-5186 L&B
Madison Fields Dickerson 301-349-4007 B
Marshall Farm Silver Spring 301-421-5966 L&B
Meadowbrook Stables Chevy Chase 301-589-9026 L&B
Mezza Luna Farm, LLC Damascus 301-253-3233 L&B
Millhaven Farm Derwood 301-963-0630 B
Moon Rising Farm Boyds 301-540-3703 L&B
Morning Sun Horse Park Mt. Airy 301-252-5659 B
Mountain View Farm Dickerson 240-367-5414 B
MRK Stables Gaithersburg 410-814-1136 B
New Legacy Farm Mt. Airy 301-471-8359 L
NFF Stables Poolesville 301-349-2011 L&B
Northern Light Farm Damascus 240-888-6945 L&B
Oak Hill Farm Silver Spring 301-520-0130 B
Out of the Box Stables Laytonsville 240-447-2283 L
Palmervale Farm Poolesville 240-482-7816 B
Park Overlook Farm Brookeville 301-260-1830 B
Periwinkle Farm Spencerville 301-421-1252 B
Pleasant View Farms Barnesville 301-349-2376 L&B
Poplar Hill Stables Poolesville 631-617-4110 L&B
Potomac Horse Center Gaithersburg 301-208-0200 L&B
Potomac River Trails Equestrian Poolesville 703-623-2233 B
Potomac Riverside Farm Dickerson 301-972-8187 L&B
Reddemeade Stables Ashton 301-421-4481 L&B
River Bottom Trail Riders Damascus 301-253-0999 L&B
Rocky Gorge Meadows Stables Silver Spring 301-980-1991 B
Rocky Top Farm Clarksburg 301-253-2568 B
Rolling Acres Show Stables Brookeville 301-774-3333 B
San-Mar Stables Poolesville 301-972-7347 B
Second Wind F. Laytonsville 301-482-2435 L
Sellman Farm Brookeville 301-258-9570 B
Seneca Medal Farms Darnestown 301-990-3990 L&B
Silver Hawk Farm Poolesville 410-303-0020 L
Six Mile Farm Dickerson 301-874-0808 B
Skylark Farm Poolesville 850-293-7007 B
Southwind Farm Damascus 301-253-4954 L&B
Springhill Stables Burtonsville 410-365-4939 B
Stones Throw Clarksburg 301-253-2967 B
Sugar Rey Farm Beallsville 301-407-0338 B
Sugarloaf Equestrian Center Barnesville 301-972-8110 L&B
Summer Wind Farm Damascus 301-253-0070 L&B
Sundown Vista Farm Gaithersburg 301-476-1309 B
Sunshine Acres Farm Brookeville 301-774-0578 L&B
Surmont LLC Poolesville 240-876-5466 L&B
Sweet Dreams Stable Poolesville 301-972-8542 B
Sweet Pastures Farm Poolesville 301-963-5289 B
Swetbriar Farm Gaithersburg 301-253-2432 B
The Other Left LLC Brookeville 301-977-5558 L&B
The Stables at Drayton Farm Spencerville 301-602-4770 B
The Stables at Rolling Ridge Gaithersburg 301-920-4111 L&B
Thistlecroft Barnesville 301-972-7498 B
Three Generations Farm Damascus 301-482-2476 L&B
Trinity Horse Farm Laurel 301-549-1672 L&B
Two Sisters Farm Dickerson 301-367-3703 L&B
Unbridled Blessings Derwood 240-994-1514 L&B
Walnut Pond Farm Brookeville 301-774-2153 B
Waredaca Gaithersburg 301-570-4191 L&B
Wheaton Park Stables Silver Spring 301-622-2424 L&B
Wind Crest Farm Clarksburg 301-972-5102 L&B
Windsor Manor Sandy Spring 301-774-7798 L&B
Windy Hollow Farm Damascus 301-768-8454 B
Wish Upon A Ster Beallsville 301-349-4582 L&B
Woodland Horse Center Silver Spring 301-421-9156 L&B
Wyndham Oaks, LLC Boyds 301-349-0077 L&B
Zomora Poolesville 301-349-2510 B

Prince George’s

Farm City Phone Type
Big Purple Barn Bowie 240-687-3449 L
Bit O’Connemara Farm Upper Marlboro 202-232-4627 L
Blue Skys Stable Bowie 301-809-2454 L&B
Celtic Acres Farm Upper Marlboro 301-642-7472 L
Center Peace Farm Lanham 917-686-5071 L
Chimney Hill Farm Upper Marlboro 301-627-8873 B
Classic Touch Equines Brandywine 703-581-7555 L&B
Clay Hill Stables Springdale 301-773-0444 L&B
Cloverland Equestrian Accokeek 907-602-2867 L&B
Equidistance Horse Center Brandywine 202-276-5744 L&B
Great Escape Stables Bowie 240-398-9284 L&B
Great Expectations Upper Marlboro 301-888-9742 B
High Standards Equestrian Center Brandywine 443-591-7183 L&B
His Lordship’s Kindness Clinton 301-856-0358 B
Horsepen Hill Farm Bowie 301-809-6242 B
Jug Bay Stables Upper Marlboro 301-580-4202 L&B
Liberty Ridge Stables Brandywine 603-238-7042 L&B
Lucky Stars Stables Laurel 240-508-7445 L&B
Marlboro Horse Farm Upper Marlboro 410-991-0962 B
Marlboro Ridge Equestrian Center Bowie 301-574-2041 L&B
Merkel Farms Bowie 301-526-4205 L&B
MerryMount Equestrian Center Upper Marlboro 301-868-2109 L&B
Nottingham Landing Farm Upper Marlboro 410-610-7595 L
Patuxent Riverside Farm Upper Marlboro 301-627-0095 L&B
Pearly Gaits Farm Aquasco 301-888-2487 B
Piscataway Riding Stable Clinton 301-297-9808 B
Rosary Stables Upper Marlboro 571-373-7792 L&B
Seldom Seen Farm Upper Marlboro 301-868-1776 B
Soft Landing Stables, LLC Accokeek 703-944-9456 L&B
Temptation Farm Bowie 443-994-5450 B
The Educated Horsemen Clinton 202-421-4804 L
The Healing Farm Upper Marlboro 240-417-0981 L
Trebetherick Farm Brandywine 301-888-1022 B
West Laurel Stable Laurel 301-332-2688 B
Westbrook Farm Upper Marlboro 240-606-5717 L&B
Willowbend Farm Upper Marlboro 443-995-0981 L

Queen Anne’s

Farm City Phone Type
Breezy Run Farm Church Hill 703-409-1403 L&B
Brightwood Farm Stevensville 410-643-6201 B
Buckbridge Farm Centreville 410-758-0233 L&B
Crab Alley Farm Chester 410-739-9132 B
Elf Creek Farm Denton 443-262-5065 B
Ennisbrook Farm Queenstown 410-925-1666 L&B
Hickory Ridge Stables Queenstown 443-758-0565 B
Hidden Island Farm Stevensville 410-643-1715 B
Kastle Farm Stevensville 301-802-5062 B
Lazy Dey Farm Centreville 410-490-0298 B
Lucky Charm Farm Marydel 410-438-3054 L&B
Oak Knoll Corral Millington 410-928-5606 L&B
Royal Wuz Farm Chestertown 240-882-3573 B
Selcouth Sport Horses Chestertown 443-496-5364 L
Semper Fidelis Equestrian Queenstown 443-799-0515 B
Snapdragon Stables Queen Anne 410-903-3241 L&B
Stillwater Farm Church Hill 410-556-6141 B
Sunny Days Farm Centreville 410-490-9062 L & B
Sunset Farm Pony Parties Chestertown 443-480-9110 L&B
Valley Pond Farm Queen Anne 410-279-3851 B
West Wind Farm Centreville 410-458-0784 B
Wye Knot Appaloosas Queenstown 410-827-6085 L
Wye River Winds Queenstown 410-827-9474 L&B

St. Mary’s

Farm City Phone Type
A Moment in Time Farm Leonardtown 301-475-5434 L&B
Arabesque Farm Leonardtown 301-475-6882 L&B
Begin Again Farm Leonardtown 240-298-0283 L&B
Claddagh Equestrian Center Leonardtown 240-538-5492 L&B
Corner Farm Mechanicsville 301-481-9320 L
Flat Iron Farm Great Mills 301-481-6837 B
Foxfyre Farm Leonardtown 240-561-5146 B
Freedom’s Rein Farm Hollywood 240-538-1277 L
Glen Mary’s Stables Park Hall 301-863-2132 B
Greenwell Foundation Hollywood 301-373-9775 L&B
High Tail-It Stables Lusby 301-904-3386 L&B
Hollywood Pony Farm Holllywood 240-561-9424 L&B
Persimmon Creek Farm Mechanicsville 301-672-4636 L&B
Prosperity Farm Mechanicsville 410-610-5001 B
Ride Away Training Farm Mechanicsville 301-884-2383 L&B
Round About Farm Leonardtown 301-475-5501 L&B
Serenity Cove Stables Leonardtown 301-475-7989 L&B
Spring Clover Stables Leonardtown 443-771-1066 L&B
Sturdy Stirrups Bushwood 240-309-5334 B
Vandermere Farm Leonardtown 240-538-8001 L&B
Wit & Folly Hollywood 301-373-8441 B
Woodbury Equestrian Center Leonardtown 240-538-5106 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Bits and Bones Queen Anne 603-969-0690 B
CaperLea Farm Trappe 410-310-2121 B
Christcross Farm Trappe 410-476-9700 B
Cordova Equestrian Center Cordova 703-507-4852 L&B
Country Comfort Farm St. Michaels 410-253-7252 L&B
Coverley Farm Easton 410-463-3118 L&B
Galloway Stables Easton 410-820-8375 L&B
Glendale Riding School Easton 410-725-0927 L&B
Hundred Acre Wood Easton 410-819-8944 L&B
Miles River Farm Easton 410-822-0985 L&B
Quail Covey Farm, LLC Queen Anne 410-364-5915 L&B
Sand Hill Stables Salisbury 410-603-4657 L&B
Whispering Winds Farm, LLC Trappe 410-822-0037 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
C & M Farm Sharpsburg 301-432-5053 L&B
Camelot Farms Keedysville 301-432-0580 L&B
Cedar Grove Equine Williamsport 240-527-1341 L&B
Double J Paints Sharpsburg 301-223-8157 B
Edgemont Orchard & Stables Smithsburg 301-824-7258 L
Elk Mountain Trails, Inc Knoxville 301-834-8882 L
GemStone Stable Hagerstown 301-733-1631 B
Grand View Farm Boonsboro 301-582-0035 B
Heritage Harvest Boonsboro 301-223-6731 L&B
Long L Ranch Big Spring 301-573-2608 L&B
Meadow Wood Stable Boonsboro 301-432-6845 B
Misty Vale Stable Clear Spring 301-857-8042 L&B
Mountain View Farm Knoxville 301-834-7973 B
Mountain View Stable Smithsburg 717-331-2698 L&B
New Beginnings Farm Hagerstown 240-285-4039 L&B
Peaceable Pastures Fairplay 301-582-9420 B
Pleasant Valley Farm, LLC Rohrersville 301-432-0371 L&B
Profit Farm Smithsburg 301-824-2844 B
Sandstone Farm Smithsburg 301-824-3539 L&B
Southwest Farm Keedysville 301-432-7047 B
Spoonire Horse Farm Hagerstown 301-992-5767 L&B
Spring Manor Farm Boonsboro 301-432-7171 L&B
Star Equestrian Center Hagerstown 301-331-9072 L&B
Stoneleigh Farm Big Spring 301-842-3301 L&B
Sugar’s Hill Stable Hagerstown 301-790-2480 B
Sunny Days Horse Training Fairplay 386-316-9997 B
The Journey Farm Boonsboro 301-524-5877 B
Trinity Creek Farm Hagerstown 301-714-0661 L&B
Troupe Run Stables Hagerstown 301-797-1691 B
Vixen Hollow Smithsburg 301-991-8418 L&B
Windy Rock Equine Clear Spring 301-857-8044 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Angus Acres Salisbury 410-742-5648 L&B
Barren Creek Landing Stables, LLC Mardela Springs 443-614-9821 L
Big Red Farm Parsonsburg 443-944-5920 B
Cavalier Farm Salisbury 410-251-2354 L&B
Emma’s Breeze Farm Eden 410-572-8545 L&B
Hamilton Fox Farm Salisbury 410-749-6794 B
Hidden Meadow Farm Salisbury 443-783-5883 L&B
Holly Ridge Farm, LLC Willards 410-835-2596 L&B
Home Place Farm Salisbury 410-742-6714 B
Hoof Prints Trail Riding Parsonsburg 410-835-8814 L
Kindred Spirit Farm Salisbury 410-341-6062 L&B
Pemberton Paint Horses Salisbury 443-880-6412 L&B
Pinecrest Stables Tyaskin 410-873-2347 L&B
Renaissance Stable Salisbury 240-350-7228 B
Secret Pride Stables, LLC Salisbury 410-543-2063 L&B
Stillmeadow Farm Salisbury 410-543-4549 L&B
Sugarbush Farm Salisbury 410-749-5522 L&B
WinAway Farm Willards 410-835-2606 L&B


Farm City Phone Type
Autumn Grove Stables Berlin 443-235-0257 L&B
Bay Point Equestrian Center, LLC Berlin 443-783-6704 L&B
Black Acre Farm, Inc Berlin 410-641-3648 L
Castle Farm Andalusians Snow Hill 410-632-2161 B
Fox Wood Farms LLC Berlin 443-235-3261 B
Holly Grove Farm Ocean City 410-289-8388 B
Rusted Star Ranch Berlin 443-880-2002 L&B
Wynnfield Farm Berlin 410-641-0428 B

Washington D.C.

Farm City Phone Type
Rock Creek Park HC Washington 202-362-0117 L&B

Shelters & Rescues

Baltimore E.R.R.I. Horse Rescue 410-343-2142
Calvert Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, Inc. 301-806-1708
Calvert Lilly Pond Foal Rescue 240-299-0021
Caroline Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue 410-634-1436
Caroline Jewel’s Landing 410-634-1436
Carroll Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue 601-454-5956
Carroll Misty Manor F. 410-781-4810
Cecil Equihab Foundation 443-466-4087
Cecil MidAtlantic Horse Resc. 302-376-7297
Charles Frederick Hall E.C. 301-372-6115
Charles G.R.A.C.E. for Life 301-372-6115
Dorchester Windy Way Horses 443-205-3429
Frederick Dearbought Farm 443-848-3101
Frederick Izzy’s Love Equine Rescue 410-903-3303
Frederick Maryland Horse Rescue 410-294-1521
Harford Royal Equine Rescue 443-417-0069
Howard Days End Farm Horse Rescue 301-854-5037
Howard Forgotten Thoroughbreds, Inc. 443-324-7140
Howard Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue 443-285-3835
Howard Safe Haven Farm 410-442-5177
Montgomery Gaited Advocate Intervention Team 240-720-4545
Montgomery Grand Illusion Horse Rescue Inc 301-916-4248
Prince George’s Big Purple Barn at Hidden Haven 240-687-3449
Prince George’s Freedom Hill Horse Resc. 410-474-7662
St. Mary’s Persimmon Creek Farm 301-672-4636
St. Mary’s Woodbury Equestrian Center 240-538-5106
Wicomico Horse Lovers United, Inc. 410-749-3599

Therapeutic Riding

Anne Arundel Andover EC 410-684-2099
Anne Arundel Equilibrium H.C. 410-721-0885
Anne Arundel Mane Event at Andover Eq. 443-457-0230
Anne Arundel Maryland Therapeutic Riding 410-923-6800
Baltimore Balt.Co. Handicapped Riding 410-343-0769
Baltimore Camp Greentop 410-323-0500
Baltimore Patapsco H.C. 410-988-5608
Baltimore Taking the Lead 443-690-1170
Calvert Cage S. 410-586-0801
Calvert Hooves 4 Hope 410-535-9700
Caroline Idylwild 410-754-9141
Caroline Timber Grove Equitherapy 410-673-1912
Carroll 4-H Ther.Riding of Ca.Co. 410-876-1760
Carroll Aspiring Heights 410-848-1431
Carroll Back to Fitness Ther. Riding 410-825-0650
Carroll Dream Bigger Equestrian 410-596-5297
Carroll Mill’s Farm 410-346-6496
Carroll River Valley R. 443-712-1010
Cecil Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding 410-378-3817
Charles Melwood Recreation Ctr. 301-870-3226
D.C. Rock Creek Park HC 202-362-0117
Dorchester Windy Way Horses 443-205-3429
Frederick Andelain F. 301-271-0029
Frederick Breezy Hill 240-674-3856
Frederick Fr.Co. 4-H Ther.Riding 301-898-3587
Frederick Free Spirit Stables 301-606-4077
Frederick Gaits of Hope 301-471-0122
Frederick Life Horse 240-674-3856
Frederick Silverado F. 301-898-7645
Harford Friendship F. 410-452-5606
Harford Normandy 410-893-7983
Howard Le Cheval 410-977-7989
Howard Thera. & Rec. Riding 410-489-5100
Kent Kent Assn.of Riding Ther. 302-530-5575
Kent Reins of Life 302-478-3908
Kent Worthmore E.C. 410-348-2055
Montgomery Banbury Cross 301-253-4669
Montgomery Circle of Hope Ther.Riding 301-916-2040
Montgomery Equine Ther. Assoc. 301-972-7833
Montgomery Great and Small Therapeutic Riding 301-349-0075
Montgomery Madison Fields 240-246-3194
Montgomery Pleasant View 301-349-2376
Montgomery Potomac HC 301-208-0200
Prince George’s ManeStream Therapeutic Riding Program 410-322-2993
Prince George’s 4-H P.E.T.S. 301-627-4308
Prince George’s Unicorn Center, Inc. 240-417-0981
Queen Anne’s Talisman Therapeutic Riding, Inc. 443-239-9400
St. Mary’s Corner Farm 301-481-9320
St. Mary’s Greenwell Foundation 301-373-9775
St. Mary’s Serenity Cove 301-475-7989
Talbot Glendale Rdg.Sch. 410-725-0927
Talbot Talbot Special Riders 410-770-5413
Washington Star E.C. 301-331-9072
Wicomico 4Steps Therapeutic 410-835-8814
Wicomico Hoof Prints in the Sand 410-835-8814