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Judge Sides with Equine Massage Therapist

On May 5, 2009, massage therapist Mercedes Clemens reached another milestone in her lawsuit to reclaim her right to massage horses when a judge essentially told the Maryland State Board of Chiropractic Examiners to “back off.” Last summer, The Equiery reported that Mercedes Clemens was suing the Maryland State Boards of Chiropractic Examiners and Veterinary Medical Examiners for violation of her constitutional rights after the Chiropractic Board issued her several “cease and desist” orders, using documentation from the Vet Board as back up for their position. “The Maryland Constitution protects my right to earn an honest living free from unreasonable regulations,” explained Ms. Clemens at the time of the filing. Eventually, because the Vet Board had not been responsible for directly sending Mercedes a cease and desist order, and because they claimed to have no problem with equine massage, so long as the practitioner did not claim that any health benefits would be derived, the case against the Vet Board was dismissed. Wouldn’t that be sufficient? No, because the cease and desist order from the Chiropractic Board clearly stated that if Mercedes continued to practice on animals, they would rescind her license to practice on humans. Washington Post’s John Kelly describes the conundrum and the May 5 scene in the courtroom in his May 6 column: …How can an organization that oversees the massaging of humans crack heads when...

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Maryland Legislative Winners and Losers

by Nancy Hill (Sections of this article were first printed in the May issue of The Equiery.) The 2009 General Assembly session has come to an end.  The total number of bills introduced was 2,654 (1,073 in the Senate and 1,581 in the House of Delegates).  Every month it seems I write about the fact that the State of Maryland manages to spend more money than it takes in.  This month is no exception.   Our legislators adopted an annual operating budget of nearly $14 billion.  Although this amount balances the state’s current budget, it does not address the long-term budget deficit. Other big issues of this session were: The death penalty.  Currently, Maryland’s death penalty statute is among the most restrictive in the country but with the new law prosecutors will only be able to seek the death penalty if they have DNA or biological evidence, a videotape of the crime, or a video-recorded confession by the killer. The environment.  Maryland is now one of the few states that pledges to reduce its climate-warming greenhouse gases. Driver’s licenses.  Maryland will now require drivers to present a Social Security card or other proof that they are in the country legally to get a license.  Maryland has been one of only four states that didn’t require proof that someone is in the U.S. legally. Electricity.  The state will now partially...

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The Equiery News Feed

Welcome to The Equiery’s new News Feed! Similar to popular “blogs,” The Equiery News Feed will be a companion to our monthly print edition of “News & Views,” enabling you to get important updates (such as health alerts and breaking news) in between the monthly print editions – delivered directly to you via your e-mail or your RSS feed! The Equiery News Feed replaces our old “News and Resources” page on our website, and will provide better cross referencing and links. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting information on the following subjects, so check back often or sign up for your e-mail notices. • Jockey Club Bankruptcy Update • MD Legislative Session – How it Affects Horses • The Equiery’s Stable Study and the Economic Status of the MD Horse Industry • Preakness Entries and Race Day Results If you have any questions or are having trouble navigating this page, please call us at 1-800-244-9580 x107 or e-mail We would love to hear your comments on what you think of this page and/or about any of the news blasts posted. Simply click on the “comments” button and your message will be automatically sent to us (these comments will not be posted or printed without your permission, and may be edited for...

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