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25+ Horse Found Dead in Wicomico Co.

On the evening of Friday, March 16, WBOC 16 reported that the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the presence of several dead horses at a farm in the 6000 block of Cherrywalk Road outside of Herbron. Lt. Tim Robinson of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office told WBOC 16 that, along with Wicomico County Animal Control, entered the property around 11am on March 16 after being notified about the deceased horses. Robinson reported that they found the remains of more than two dozen horses at various stages of decay. At this time, the causes of the deaths and how long each horse has been dead is under investigation. Sheriff Mike Lewis told WBOC 16 that his deputies had been called to the house on several occasions but not for this sort of situation. According to Sheriff Lewis, horses from this property have gotten loose dozens of times nearly causing several accidents on nearby roadways. He added that he did not recall any calls related to malnourished horses. According to WBOC 16, the property owner was previously fined in Wicomico County for multiple instances of littering. There are over 100 horses on the property. This most recent investigation may lead to charges, according to Sheriff Lewis. He told WBOC 16, “Absolutely.  Well certainly animal neglect, but it could be animal cruelty based...


11 hours ago

The Equiery

Wicomico County officials found the remains of at least 25 horses on a Hebron, MD, farm on Friday, March 16, after receiving a tip from local news station WBOC. Video from WBOC shows that there are approximately 100 horses in various condition still living on the property among the bodies. The Equiery is investigating the situation, and will report further. Follow and Facebook as we learn more information.
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I watched the WBOC report. The interview with the local sherrif was unbelievable, his biggest concern was that when the horses got out (no previous investigation as to why there were so many escapes) that the horse's ate flowers and pooped on lawns. This is in the country, the whole area is full of chicken farms. No concern at all about the horse's welfare.

I urge everyone to skip Channel 16's written report and WATCH/LISTEN (even though it is really difficult) to the broadcasted news report. Too often, these network news articles are a brief sound bite, often crafted by a non-profit or other community entity. Not so with this local network news article. First, kudos to whomever tipped off the news channel. Next, kudos to the editor or producer who agreed to follow up on the lead by sending out THE HELICOPTER! That ain't cheap, so the producer/editor had to really believe this was a solid story. Because of the news channel's helicopter footage, and because the news team called the police, the legal follow through can now happen. Can't wait to find out if the Wicomico State's Attorney is going to call this as felony criminal neglect or felony criminal cruelty. Either which way, I can't see the State's Attorney charging misdemeanor. Good job, Channel 16!

Following for updates.

Unless it can be established that Barb Kroh Pilchard has Alzheimers (which I doubt, as she replied very lucidly to a FB post, yesterday, stating that people should not believe what the news is reporting - this, in spite of pretty clear images and videos that accompanied the news report), she should be prosecuted for this horrific situation. She's had horses for years ... her FB page shows that in 2011, she was breeding and selling 'Leopard' Appaloosas ... and asking a fairly pretty price (in the range of $4500). At one point, in 2010, she mentions (in a post accompanying a photo of a horse that's for sale) that she 'needs money for hay' ... so ... even a half-dozen years ago, she was not in the position to maintain the number of horses she had, without risking their well-being. Three dozen or more horses, left exposed to the elements; left to fend for themselves in the breeding/birthing process (this can be gleaned from the fact that a fairly recently dead foal was found near the door of the woman's abode ...); left to try to find sustenance from whatever could grow through the trampled ground; left to die, their carcassas left to the scavengers, and the maggots. Prosecuted, and imprisoned. And prohibited from keeping animals of any sort, when and if she's released, from prison. Prison is going to be a much kinder place, than she provided those poor horses.

It is unacceptable that this horrific situation went on obviously for a very long time and NO ONE intervened!?disgusting . The most tragic part of this is that the person responsible will probably not be punished accordingly because animals have very little rights

County sheriff was there multiple times in regards of the horses getting out, eating flowers and pooping. OMG, did the sheriff ever go look at the property?? Those skeletons didn’t just appear there in the last year. They seem more interested in the dead horses!! They are gone - how about all those poor creatures roaming around with nothing to eat?? Thank God something will happen for those poor souls now.

It's horrible, thank you for not showing the photos again 💔😢 I remember her from showing in the 80's. How could AC not seen skeletons before?

Go after this women, the owner responsible to the fullest extent. Clearly she is a crazed person. This didn’t happen yesterday. It’s been continuing for some time by the looks of the bleached bones.

I really hope someone is getting those horses out of there. Then give this horrible owner what she deserves. Jail time!!

Horrific and I’m saddened to see the final plight of so many, at one time , lovely, noble horses. May they be able to remove and rehab those that survived.

Ug, thank you for sharing. Obviously, there is more to this story, and The Equiery will follow it.

If you see something, say something. I live in Virginia horse country and there are many backyard operations. I am constantly keeping my eyes open, as I have seen some questionable situations.

I am sharing because it’s important the names of those responsible should be known.

First priority. Get the living horses off the property and to someplace with decent care.

Someone's head needs to roll!

What's wrong with some people, prosecute to the fullest extent!

Katie Cavalluzzo wtf?!

I cried when I watched the video. How absolutely horrific!

thanks for providing updates!



Just awful.

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1 day ago

The Equiery

Mark your calendars! First Hunter Pace of the Spring series is April 1! ... See MoreSee Less

Mark your calendars! First Hunter Pace of the Spring series is April 1!


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Jacqueline Olsen... ready??

Where is Carrollton?

One day I'll do this!

Brooke April 28? May 12?

Suzanne Stettinius

Sara Nyman-Strauss

Em Lindsey Morgan Whipp Morgan Coley Katie Coley

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2 days ago

The Equiery

We couldn't agree more! Share a photo in the comments of the horse that makes you forget your troubles! ... See MoreSee Less

We couldnt agree more! Share a photo in the comments of the horse that makes you forget your troubles!


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My Sweet Pea 😍

Gelding being kind to Pig

My buddy Griff!



This is a horse at the rescue I volunteer at..(Shenandoah valley equine rescue) Her name is Pumpkin

Napoleon ❤️

My boy!

This sexy boy, my heart, my Rafik.

This guy 😍


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The Equiery

The deadline for the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate has been extended an addition 90 days, giving the agriculture industry more time to comply. To read more, visit ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

The Equiery

Our pic of the week is of Kim Crum of Walkersville, MD playing the part of Cruella from 101 Dalmatians at the PA Horse Expo last week. ... See MoreSee Less

Our pic of the week is of Kim Crum of Walkersville, MD playing the part of Cruella from 101 Dalmatians at the PA Horse Expo last week.


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Awesome, Kim!

4 days ago

The Equiery

... See MoreSee Less

About the Cover: A Brewster Family Hunt Cup History

When Derwins Prospector crossed the finish line at last year’s 121st Maryland Hunt Cup ahead of Drift Society by a nose, owner Gerry Leiper Brewster celebrated his first Hunt Cup win. Although this was Gerry’s first personal victory in 16 attempts, the Brewster family has a long history of successes at the Maryland Hunt Cup, which began over a century before Derwins Prospectors win last year. Gerry was born and raised on Worthington Farms, where the Hunt Cup has been run since 1922. Gerry’s parents Senator and Mrs. Daniel Brewster owned the farm in the 1950s and 1960s, and sold it to their nephew, J.W.Y. (Duck) Martin, Jr. who with wife, Glennie, are still its owners. The first of Gerry’s ancestors to ride in the Hunt Cup was his maternal grandfather, J. Gerry Leiper, who in 1911 won aboard Pebbles. Two years later, the pair finished second. Gerry’s paternal grandfather, Daniel B. Brewster, finished third in 1913 aboard Mullinahone. The family did not see another Hunt Cup victory until 1919 when Chuckatuck, owned by B.H. Brewster, Jr., Gerry’s great grandfather, were the winners.. Cousin Bill Martin owned the 1936 winner, Inshore. The family hit a bit of a dry spell in the 1940s and early 1950s although they consistently had Hunt Cup runners, many finishing in the money but no wins. Until… Neds...

ELD Mandate Ag Exemption Extended

Breaking News! U.S. Department of Agriculture announced an additional 90-day extension of the agriculture exemption from the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate that affects the transportation of livestock, including horses. To read more about the original mandate, click here for the January 2018 Equiery story: Below is the most recent statement from the USDA, posted on March 13, 2018. (USDA – Washington, D.C., March 13, 2018) – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today applauded Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for her announcement of an additional 90-day extension of the agriculture exemption from the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Agricultural compliance with the mandate would have been problematic for the agriculture industry because the devices do not accurately account for the agricultural exemptions currently provided in the law. The ELD rule went into effect in December 2017, with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) granting the agriculture industry an initial exemption that was set to expire on March 18, 2018. With the granting of another extension, the agriculture industry will now have additional time to comply. Secretary Sonny Perdue issued the following statement: “The ELD mandate imposes restrictions upon the agriculture industry that lack flexibility necessary for the unique realities of hauling agriculture commodities. If the agriculture industry had been forced to comply by the March 18 deadline, live agricultural commodities, including plants...

Nearly $30,000 in Grands Awarded by MHIB

On February 14, the Maryland Horse Industry Board announced the recipients of nearly $30,000 worth of grant funds. Funding for these grants is provided by the Maryland Feed Fund, which collects $6 on every ton of horse feed sold in Maryland. Since the fund was established in 2002, MHIB, which runs within the Maryland Department of Agriculture, has awarded over $400,000 in grants to over 300 projects. “Horses are a critical component of Maryland’s agricultural industry. The Maryland Horse Industry Board and the Feed Fund help stimulate growth and opportunity in Maryland’s equestrian community without using any government funding,” said Board Chairman Jim Steele. “This self-funded commodity marketing entity is a model of how industry groups can help themselves without relying on taxpayer dollars.” This year, 27 applications were submitted with $29,983.50 was awarded to 20 organizations and individual from around the state. Projects are evaluated based on their value to the industry, degree of industry promotion, size and scope of activity, financial need, potential for matching funds, benefits and overall quality of the written presentation. Grants are capped at $3,000 in order to award funds to as many groups as possible. 2017 Maryland Horse Industry Board Grant Recipients are as follows: $3,000 – Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue (Howard County/Statewide) – Enhance and promote animal welfare officer training $3,000 – Mid Atlantic...
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