The Maryland Horse Council would like to thank MHC Industry Professional member Meadowbrook Stables for posting the following on their Facebook page earlier today (March 18) concerning the case of EHV-1 at their stables. We applaud Meadowbrook for the way they are handling this situation.

from Meadowbrook Stables
Last Wednesday night, 3/9, our beloved pony, River, went to DuPont Equine Medical Center with neurological symptoms. She was euthanized the next day, 3/10. Subsequent tests confirmed that she had Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1). This sweet pony was a favorite of all of our young riders, as well as our staff, and will be greatly missed.

Although we were shocked by her loss, we immediately began working with our veterinarian, Dr. Suzanne Welker, to self-quarantine, notify the State vet, and closely monitor the other 49 horses on our property. We set up 24 temporary stalls in our indoor ring, began taking temperatures and assessing all other horses for EHV-1 symptoms round the clock, and implemented biosecurity protocols. The next day, Friday 3/11, an Assistant State Veterinarian visited Meadowbrook and issued a routine hold order, meaning that horses must remain on site.
Three other horses were also admitted to EMC; all are now recovering back at Meadowbrook. Other horses have also developed mild symptoms and are being treated by our staff on site. We’re optimistic that they’ll make a full recovery.
From the outset, Meadowbrook has followed strict testing, quarantine, treatment, and biosecurity protocols. We’ve worked closely with our veterinarians, cancelled lessons and other programs from March 10 onwards, and closed Meadowbrook even to our boarders to reduce stress on the horses and prevent the transmission of EHV beyond our facility. We immediately notified local horse show managers, as well as IEA leadership, of the situation. No horse has left our property other than to go to EMC.
Meadowbrook is grateful beyond words for our knowledgeable, hard-working staff, our Board and many volunteers, as well as our veterinarian. Their skilled and tireless commitment over the last eight days to our horses’ health has been truly remarkable. As a result, we’re optimistic that our horses will recover and confident that no transmission has occurred to other equine facilities. We also appreciate all of the love and support that we’ve received from the horse community in the past week. Thank you to all who have reached out!