By the MHC Political Action Committee (first published in the December 2020 Equiery)

The Maryland General Assembly will convene at noon on January 13, 2121. It will be a Legislative Session like no other in our legislature’s long and storied history. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the legislative buildings will be closed to the general public; almost all activities will be conducted virtually. This means that our ability to meet personally with and persuade our legislators, as well as to testify on bills, will be severely curtailed. The reality of that situation means that the MHC PAC becomes even more important in our efforts to protect and promote the interests of the equestrian community. Legislators respond to PAC contributions and pay attention to organizations with robust PACs. So we must build up our PAC’s war chest now!

By law, we must make our PAC disbursements to legislators before the Legislature opens its session in January. Legislators ramp up their fundraising in December, ahead of the legal deadline. So we need your PAC contribution NOW.

So – please donate today. Every dollar helps, but, we need your contribution ASAP.