first published in the October 2021 Equiery

By Ross Peddicord, Maryland Horse Industry Board with contributions from Lisa Diersen, EQUUS Film Festival

Maryland is proud to welcome America’s Horse, the Mustang, on Maryland’s portion of America’s National Trail during October Horse Month.

Two Mustang-loving women from Montana, Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear, are riding 5,000 miles through 12 states with four Mustangs in one year, starting in late September at Lewes, Delaware, and then arrived in Maryland on October 2 at the Celebration of the Horse event at Tuckahoe Equestrian Center at Tuckahoe State Park in Queen Anne. The ride ends next October in San Francisco and is being filmed as a documentary by the EQUUS Film Festival.

These two riders want American horse people to think “Mustang” for their next horse. There are over 53,000 Mustangs in holding pens waiting for a home. The goal of the ride is to get 5,000 of them adopted.

Already in Maryland, Ann Hanlin from Street staged a Mustang Challenge Show last month in Harford County. Ann will be joining Hannah and Lisanne as they ride through Maryland. Other riders are welcome to join them as well.

From the Eastern Shore, the ride will go to the Washington, D.C., area with a ride through Rock Creek Park and on to the C & O Canal trail. There will be time set aside for a three-day Liberty clinic October 22-24 at Fox Lea Farm in Barnesville.

There are also plans for a Mustang-themed movie directed by Steve Latham.

To join the Mustangs as they ride through Maryland contact Lisa Diersen, coordinator of the year-long event, at:

To participate in the clinic at Fox Lea email Patricia Milligan at: or call 202-222-8836.