First published in the November 2020 Equiery

In 2019, The Equiery launched a new annual feature to celebrate those people and horses that contribute greatly to the non-profit community. Anyone can nominate a non-profit staffer, volunteer or horse for this annual award. The award committee reviews nomination essays and picks three to print in the November Charity issue with all nomination essays being posted on throughout the month. This year we received nominations for six people and three horses. Read all of their stories on this month!

Volunteer Coordinator Vicki Fried
submitted by the Frederick County 4-H Therapeutic Riding Program

The Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding Program is nominating Vicki Fried. She has made a huge, positive impact with our program, and in the Maryland equine community with horses who are seeking their second career. Vicki is the program’s Volunteer Coordinator and the first contact for prospective volunteers, providing a “Meet and Greet” at the barn, filling them up with enthusiasm and encouraging them to sign up.

With extensive COVID guidelines to provide a safe and fun experience for our special needs riders, Vicki has kept us on track, ensuring we are following the guidelines and staying organized – signing up leaders and side walkers to work with each of our riders and horses. Vicki keeps in contact with our volunteers about their schedule, either by email, text, or phone and makes sure they know what’s happening at the barn.

Extremely energetic and compassionate about people, both volunteers and our riders, Vicki greets everyone with a warm welcome. Without volunteers, riders cannot ride. Vicki began volunteering eight years ago and encourages many young riders to work towards their goals – holding reins, steering, choosing the correct color of an object, and talking to their horses. She is also committed to assisting with and providing the best care our equine heroes can receive. She assists with the training, feeding, and care of our horses, most of who are over 19 years old and in their second or third career.