The organizers of the Lisbon Christmas Horse Parade extend their sincere appreciation to the equestrian community, the local citizens and the officials in the Howard County and Maryland state governments for their support and enthusiasm for the Horse Parade. The incredible success of the Horse Parade, which grew very large very quickly, has resulted in logistical challenges that were insurmountable for this year. The committee will endeavor to bring back the Horse Parade in 2016.

Meanwhile, the need to feed the hungry during the holidays is just as pressing as ever. Since its debut, the parade has raised over $30,000 for local food banks and the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department, and so the committee will continue to raise money for these worthy causes.  Organizers are excited about this year’s alternate parade, which will still celebrate western Howard County’s agrarian community: a tractor and farm equipment parade!

The Equiery is a proud supporter of the Horse Parade. We will support the committee as it seeks to reorganize for 2016, but we will also support our local community’s 2015 Farmers Feed The Hungry Christmas Parade, and we hope our readers will do likewise. 

Community members are invited to bring any motorized farm equipment that is decorated for the holidays.  Christmas lights are strongly encouraged! And organizers do not discriminate against tractor color!

After the parade, the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department will host a Fried Chicken & Ham Dinner, a holiday vendor area with live music and a bonfire!

And stay tuned to  for more details.