Shortly after The Stronach Group sent out its press release to ban race-day use of Lasix for horses running in stakes races by 2021, the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Associations, Inc put out their own rebuttal statement in which they said that since 2011, “the Mid-Atlantic region’s collective position, including ours, that in the absence of a more effective treatment for EIPH, the current strictly regulated system for the administration of furosemide on race day should be maintained, because it is the best interests of the health and welfare of the horse – our number one priority in racing.”

The THA statement went on to say, “nothing has changed scientifically since that time, except that the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine has strongly recommended that EIPH be considered a disease in horses.”

THA believes that banning Lasix will have “no effect” on the breakdown rate of racehorses. “We believe that the industry’s total focus and priority right now should be determining the causes of racehorse breakdowns and facilities, and implementing protocols to reduce or eliminate them.”

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