All horse people are encouraged to participate in the 2012 AHP Equine Industry Survey. The survey opened March 5 and closes May 15, 2012. The survey is being conducted by the American Horse Publications Association, of which The Equiery is a member.

Survey participants will provide feedback on trends in the U.S. equine industry and other information regarding the most important issues facing our industry. The AHP Equine Industry Survey is being sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, Merck Animal Health, and Pfizer Animal Health.

This survey was first conducted in 2009 with the participation of 11,171 horse people, and was largest-ever equine industry survey of hands-on horse industry participants in the United States.

With the advances of web publishing and social media, we expect participation to exceed the 2009 level, providing an even more accurate picture of the horse industry in the United States.

As in the previous survey, the purpose of the 2012 survey is threefold. The first objective is to obtain information regarding past, present, and expected future participation in the equine industry. The second objective is to identify which issues currently facing the equine industry are perceived as being most critical to those who own, or manage horses. The third objective is to analyze issues pertaining to horse health. In addition to questions on vaccines and deworming, the 2012 survey includes questions relating to nutrition, feed, and nutritional supplements.

Those eligible to participate in the survey are men and women, 18 years of age and older, who currently own or manage at least one horse and live in the United States.

This survey is anonymous. No one, not even members of the research team, will be able to associate information with responses. When the survey results are tallied, only aggregated results will be presented.

To show the type of important information AHP collected in the first survey, following is new data from the 2009-2010 AHP Equine Industry Survey on how horse owners use their horses.  These responses have been broken down by geographic region and discipline.  Within each region, the most popular use of horses is for pleasure or trail riding.  It is also the most popular activity nationwide.  After pleasure or trail riding, the top 5 most frequently reported activities in each region are identified.
(Click here to download the results of the 2009 AHP Results Discipline by Region Table.)

AHP members and survey sponsors receive a complete set of these results. The general equine industry may request a copy of this new information by contacting the AHP office at

Take the 2012 AHP Equine Industry Survey by Tuesday, May 15!