20160529161950imagePlaydoh has been found! See Equiery Facebook for more details.

On May 27, around noon, Susan Crawford’s 10-year-old chestnut pony slipped on a trail near the railroad tracks in Marriottsville and took off when Crawford dismounted. Crawford was out trail riding with friends along the tracks. “We were close to the tunnel on the tracks,” she said, adding, “He ran along the tracks towards a parking lot where a couple said they saw him head into the woods.” That was the last anyone has seen Crawford’s 14 hand Play Doh.

Since then, Maryland State Police, Howard County police, League of Maryland Horseman (LOMH), trail riders, hikers, and more have been searching for the horse daily. This past weekend, LOHM organized a mounted search through the Woodstock, Driver Road and Marriottsville Road areas towards Sykesville. According to Sherry Valentine, who organized the LOMH search, over 50 people spent the weekend searching the area. “LOMH has just been amazing,” Crawford said. “Organizing special searches, having food for volunteers…”

Crawford also hired a helicopter to search the area and friends with drones have been doing flyovers as well. “It is such a think canopy right now we haven’t seen anything,” Crawford said.

This weekend, LOHM is hosting one of their paid participant events with over 200 people attending. “We can not open it to the public,” Valentine stated, “but we will be handing out small sheets of paper with Susan’s contact information and a description of Play Doh.” Valentine explained that LOMH holds events throughout the year and although this one is not specifically a search event, she is hoping that someone attending might find something leading to Play Doh’s return.

Crawford reported that as of this morning, they have narrowed their search to the Old Henryington Road area where some fresh tracks have been seen. “They look like they may have been made in the last two to three days,” she said, also stating that Jeff Dryer has been going off-trail in this area trying to follow the tracks.

Crawford said that Play Doh still had all of his tack on him when last seen and as of this morning, none of that tack has been found so she is assuming he still has it on. He was wearing a blue and lime green bridle and breast collar as well as a black endurance saddle with sheepskin seat cover. Play Doh does have a microchip and his description and Crawford’s information have been given to various groups including area local rescues and area auctions. His information has been spread throughout the Facebook community as well as NETposse and FindToto.

If you spot Play Doh or have any information that can help with the search, please contact Crawford directly at 443-831-6527.