Readers have been responding to The Equiery’s recent News posts.

In response to the entire state of politics in the Free State – particularly as it applies to our racing industry, Bob Vechery writes:

“Sometimes it is very difficult having been born, raised and residing in such a stupid state as Maryland.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the climate, the “America in Miniature,” and just about everything else about Maryland, except the politics.  Democrats have successfully destroyed the second largest multi-billion dollar industry in the state.  While every other state around us implemented slots, the democrats did nothing.  When we finally voted in Republican Bob Eurlich to save us, Democrats Miller and Bush never allowed the legislation to move forward in fear Republican Eurlich would look good, never caring about the people of Maryland or the horse industry.  Now instead of showing a surplus, we are billions in debt thanks to Democrats Miller and Bush who are still in office, and O’Malley does not have a clue.  All the Maryland horse industry wants is a level playing field with its competitor states, gambling should remain at the tracks, benefitting the tracks and the people of Maryland, unfortunately it is probably to late due solely due to the democrats currently and previously in office.”

In response to the issue of slots at Arundel Mills Mall, Christina Weber writes:

“Gambling at the mall is gambling without the sport. Horses lose.”


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