On Dec. 7, 2011, Lynne Bergeron of McDaniel, MD was been convicted of neglecting her pony, Bonnie. The Eastern Shore woman originally faced three charges: animal cruelty, inflicting unnecessary suffering or pain and failure to provide proper care for a pony diagnosed suffering from Cushing’s Disease.

Talbot County Animal Control investigated complaints in February of 2011 and found the pony underweight and with overgrown hooves. After some back and forth with various veterinarians and other government officials, according to the Star-Democrat, Bergeron (a lifelong horse woman who apparently had been having financial difficulties) voluntarily relinquished the pony to Halo’s Haven Rescue in St. Michael’s, but Talbot County proceeded with the charges. At the early December trail, the judge found her guilty of the most minor of the three charges (neglect) and sentenced Bergeron to 18 months of probation and a small fine covering court costs. Bergeron’s vet testified in her defense.


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