Mackenzie Hicks of New Windsor was the junior Grand Champion of the 25 Mile New Jersey Devil Competitive Trail Ride on November 3. Hicks rode Shae, a nine-year old Arabian mare, who is a veteran distance competitor with five one-day 100 mile rides and over 1,000 competition miles. This competitive trail ride is a distance event where riders must cover set distances within a predetermined allotted time. This was Hicks first time competing in a competitive trail ride.

The class also involves being evaluated by a Veterinary Judge and a Horsemanship Judge. Veterinary judges evaluate the horses’ condition, soundness and trail ability/manners, while the Horsemanship judges evaluate the horses’ care, the rider’s long distance riding equitation, trail safety and courtesy, and the pair’s performance as a team. Hicks placed fourth overall in Horsemanship.

Hicks is a duel member of United States Pony Clubs Talbot Run Equestrian Riding Center and Burntwoods Pony Club. She is also part of the five person Thunderhooves Games Team.