tripleAccording to the Howard County Times, police are investigating the shooting death of “Triple,” a 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding owned by Dayton resident Connie Hutz. The horse was found dead in his pasture October 31, 2010 around 8 a.m. Police are investigating whether or not the incident is related to gunshot vandalism of several nearby cars.

Connie reported to The Equiery that the police officers believe the shot fired at Triple was a “shot to kill,” as there was only one gun shot wound directly in the horse’s chest. Officers think the gun used was a high power rifle shot at close range. Triple was kept with three other horses in a pasture directly off Triadelphia Mill Road.

Officers asked Connie if there were any persons who would do such a thing in anger towards Connie or her family, but Connie told the officers, “I can’t imagine that this was intended towards our family.”

Malicious wounding and death of animals are a felony crimes in Maryland.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. The Equiery will follow the story and post any updates here.