The Pumphrey Memorial Awards
THE MARYLAND HORSE COUNCIL Honors Jane Toal, Diana Cullum and Bodgie Read 
for over almost 100 combined years of volunteer service

Some people volunteer for a show here, or an event there. They serve on a committee or board for a year or two. Or volunteer while their kids are involved.

For others, volunteering is a way to build their resume and to network. And then there are those who volunteer just because it’s the right thing to do. Just because it’s their way of giving to the sport they love, or the community to which they belong.

They don’t volunteer for the accolades, titles, “leadership roles,” or wall plaques. They volunteer because it is how they can help.

They are willing to take the odd jobs, those no one else wants. And they continue to do it, year in and year out. Indeed, they are so steady and reliable that it’s easy to overlook them or take them for granted.

The Maryland Horse Council’s Pumphrey Memorial Award recognizes these unsung heroes, these “behind the scenes” volunteers without whom we would not be able to run our shows, build our facilities, or enjoy our sport.

Diana Cullum

For 27 years, Diana Cullum has dedicated herself to 4-H in Howard County organizing
the horse judging, working the county and state fairs, and organizing the dressage shows at the state fair.

Cullum began her affiliation with 4-H as a volunteer for a club in Elkridge that later merged with the Spur and Stirrup 4-H Club.

From there, her involvement in 4-H grew exponentially. She has now managed the Maryland 4-H Dressage Show for approximately five years and taken over for Shirley Geis as Howard County’’s coach for horse judging and hippology. She also acts as the state hippology test manager and is a licensed 4-H judge.

“She’s doing a very good job coaching the team,” Geis says. “She’s the kind of person who’s there for the long term.”

Cullum also lends her own horses to the horseless. “She is very generous in allowing 4-H kids to use her animals, when they otherwise wouldn’t have an animal,” Geis continues.

Morgans are this Woodbine resident’s breed of choice, and her own background includes barrel racing, Western and dressage.

“She’’s just incredible,” Geis emphasizes. “I wish we had more like her!”