Yes, our Equiery barns ROCK!

Perennial Barn Night rivals Meadowbrook Stables (Chevy Chase) and Full Moon Farm (Finksburg) faced off for the major wins, but with Meadowbrook edging out Full Moon for largest group (Full Moon received an honorable mention placement as largest Maryland barn because Meadowbrook’s overall win made them ineligible for the state category).
Rock Creek Park Horse Center, which is in D.C. but is on the Maryland-side of the Potomac (so we claim them as an “Equiery barn”) won the banner contest, with Full Moon (pictured left) taking the reserve and Four Quarters (Hampstead) earning an  honorable mention.

For best barn video, Maryland did not fare as well, with Virginia barn taking champion and reserve with the following Maryland barns receiving honorable mentions: En-tice-ment, Full Moon and Four Quarters.

However, we rock when it comes to spirit! Meadowbrook took the champion, Full Moon the reserve and Rock Creek the honorable.

Barn night attracted over 1,000 local barn rats to enjoy the costumed Gambler’s Choice, which featured the joker fence made out of cupcakes courtesy of new sponsor and TLC reality-show Georgetown Cupcakes and were able to cheer on Maryland rider Elizabeth Rae (we know her as Elizabeth Eaton) from Winfield Farm in Woodbine; Elizabeth, costumed as a peace-loving hippie and her Peace of Blue finished 14th out of 19 riders.

Four Quarters Farm

Elizabeth Rae