Many Maryland equestrian trail projects have benefited from federal funds through the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program (RTP), which is set to expire and must be re-authorized in the next national surface transportation program (highway) bill. Chances are good that the trails you ride on have received some of this funding via the Maryland Department of Transportation.

A “Dear Colleague” letter in support of RTP is being circulated by Congressmen Petri (R-WI) and Michaud (D-ME). (View Dear Colleague Letter)

The American Horse Council urges you to Call or Email your Representative and ask them to sign the Dear Colleague letter in support of RTP being circulated by Congressmen Petri and Michaud.

The deadline for your Member of Congress to sign the letter is Thursday, April 14.

Since its inception RTP has provided money for thousands of state and local trail projects across the country, including many that benefit equestrians.  RTP provides funding directly to the states for recreational trails and trail-related facilities for all recreational trail users.

The current highway bill that funds RTP has been extend until September 30, 2011. However, RTP will have to be included in the next highway bill the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is currently writing.

Now is the time to let your member of Congress know RTP is important to you, equestrians and all trail users around the country.

Call or email them today and tell them;

You support the Recreational Trails Program and urge them to sign the Dear Colleague letter in support of RTP being circulated by Congressmen Petri and Michaud.  The deadline to sign the letter is April 14.  You support RTP because it is a very effective, user-pay/user-benefit program and a proven success story.  It serves as the foundation for state trail programs across the country, facilitates healthy outdoor recreation, and helps spur economic activity in countless communities.”

Contact information for your Representatives can be found on the House website or you can call the AHC.

If you have any questions please contact the AHC.


It’s not too late to get your classifieds online this month or in the May print edition of The Equiery! Deadline is April 15.