The Maryland Department of Agriculture has finally released its official version of a “help wanted” ad.

As regular Equiery readers know, the doyenne of the Maryland State Stable Inspectors, Beverly Raymond, retired in December after close to forty years on the job.

Government being government, it took a little while for the position to receive an updated description and be cleared for release.

Now the job is officially open and ready to be filled!

It is actually a dual position, as the inspector will work for both the Maryland Horse Industry Board and the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. Suitable applicants must like to drive, as they will be on the road all the time. They will spend their days driving to stables and vet hospitals in western and northern counties. Candidates also need to be okay with occasional weekend and evening work.

Diplomacy is crucial for this job, as the purpose of the job is to bring stables and hospitals into compliance with the law for health care, safety and sanitary reasons, not to sit in judgment of the facilities.

Qualified candidates should not abhor paperwork, as there is quite a bit of that too…so organizational skills and administrative skills will make the job a whole lot easier. The official job description states: “Duties include completing inspection forms, making recommendations for corrective action, issuing certificates, preparing reports of violations and/or failed inspections for the Board’s review, and attending regular monthly Board meetings. In addition to a regulatory function, this position will also assist with educational and outreach activities.”

Qualified candidates must have (in addition to a high school education), at least one year of experience either in assisting veterinarians in the care and management of animals, in animal disease control, in the care or management of livestock, or in inspecting veterinary hospitals, riding stables, or livestock dealers. However, college or university credits can also substitute for hands-on experience, at the rate of 15 credit hours for one year of required experience, presuming those credits were earned in agriculture, biology or physical sciences. Preferred candidates will have 15+ credit hours of college coursework in animal care and management, veterinary technology, or equine studies; or horse care or riding experience; or regulatory investigations experience, including preparing written reports. Oh, AND you need to have a current Maryland driver’s license with no more than five points on your record.

The position will pay between $23,500 and $36,000, depending upon experience, plus the usual cornucopia of government benefits.

Deadline for applications is March 25, 2011! All applications must be submitted and in hand by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 25.

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