November 2005

Dear Maryland Horse People:
Magna Corporation has decided to limit the number of racing days at Laurel and Pimlico racetracks next year, continuing the downward slide of Maryland’s once- great horse racing industry. Th is is something that I am all too familiar with. As the owner of a feed store, I have seen several of my customers leave and take their operations to Delaware and West Virginia.

As a member of the General Assembly, I was the co-lead sponsor of a slots bill that I believe would have funded both purses and [Maryland-]bred funds to the levels they must be to compete with surrounding states. Unfortunately, this bill, like all other slots bills, did not make it to the governor’s desk for his signature.
In Annapolis, I have tried to ex- plain the importance of the horse industry to my fellow legislators. I have also attempted to illustrate what I see as a growing trend of racing and breeding operations closing down in this state and moving elsewhere. Many of the examples I cite are only reflective of situations I know of. That is why I am writing to you. I want to describe to each one of my colleagues true-life situations involving breeders, trainers, and owners from their individual districts. I want them to see how this crisis is aff ecting their constituents.

Now is the time for you to communicate with your legislators on how this is aff ecting your life. Please write to me with your story [about] how not having slots has aff ected
you. I will be sure to forward your comments directly to all legislators. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration. Feel free to call me directly with any questions or concerns at 410-241-9507. With best regards, I remain,

Respectfully yours,

J.B. Jennings
Member, House of Delegates
Owner, Maryland Feed