March 2017

…farrier and race horse owner, Tater Pruitt, who passed away from complications related to esophageal cancer on January 15. He was 74. Remembers Equiery publisher, Crystal Brumme Pickett:

“He always arrived with a smile. And he always left with a smile.

“That was Tater.

“He made you happy. He made you happy to know him. He made your day brighter.  Even if he wasn’t a good farrier (he was), you would still hire him to do your horses, just because he made you feel good.

“And nothing ever rattled him. Ever. “Don’t worry about it, Baby. I gotcha taken care of.”  And he did.

“Some magical cross between a guardian angel, big brother and the legendary uncle-who-could-do-anything…that was Tater.

“Just seeing that fanciful farrier truck labeled ‘Horseshoeing By Tater’ made you happy. And you knew when he was holding court at the Town Grille here in Lisbon.

“He loved being a farrier. He loved horses. He loved his dogs. He loved his home, Arden Acres in Marriottsville.

Oh–and he loved his 1955 Chevy ‘Baby Doll.’ Loved Baby Doll.

“But…above all, he loved his bride Peggy.

“And we know heaven is a happier place now…because Tater is there, holding court. Still smiling–on Peggy and on us all.

“Thank you, Tater; we are better for having known you.”