As most of our readers are aware, Republican candidate Larry Hogan won Maryland’s gubernatorial election on Tuesday, November 4.

In the legislature, although both Senate President Mike Miller and Representive Mike Busch held onto their seats, Republicans gained two seats in the Senate (for a total of 14 out of 47)and 9 seats in the House (for a total of 52 out of 141).

How does all of this shake out for the horse industry and the equestrian community? Hard to say right now.

The Maryland Farm Bureau endorsed the Hogan-Rutherford ticket, so MFB is now surely pleased.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Thoroughbred industry, understandably, had supported the Brown-Ullman ticket. We say “understandably” because Ullman’s father serves on the Maryland Racing Commission, and the racetrack folks tend to be loyal, but they are also practical, and the Republicans have a good track record for supporting slots, which in turn support racing.

However, the Maryland Horse Council shied away from endorsing a gubernatorial ticket – although MHC’s endorsed candidates for the house and the senate did well.

The Maryland Horse Council has invited Governor-Elect Hogan to attend the MHC annual general meeting on Tues. Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. in Annapolis. On his survey for the Maryland Horse Council (which surveyed all the candidates), Hogan indicates a sentimental attachment to the Prince George’s Equestrian Center because of his father, who was the P.G. County Executive from 1978 – 1982; perhaps if he joins us on Nov. 18, he will tell us more!

Click here to read Hogan’s responses to the MHC 2014 Election Candidate Surveys.

Click here for more information about the MHC Nov. 18 meeting – which is open to all horse people.