Lara Gosbee of Rocky Ridge in Frederick County plead guilty to eight counts of animal cruelty on November 28.

This past April, 12 horses were found malnourished and several others were found dead at Misty Dreams Farm in Rocky Ridge. Although the farm is owned by Valerie Pickett, her daughter, Lara Gosbee was responsible for the horses and in August, Gosbee was formerly charged with eight counts of animal cruelty and eight additional counts of animal cruelty, failure to provide nutritious food in sufficient quantities.

The 12 living horses were surrendered to Frederick County Animal Control and moved to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Lisbon for rehabilitation. Gosbee did comply with officials and composted the dead horses.

Gosbee was granted two years’ probation before judgement and ordered to pay more than $1,200 in restitution to the Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital for medical care of the horses. Officials reported that Gosbee has been allowed to own one therapy animal and will be subject to random check-ins from county officials. reported that Gosbee may be eligible to clear the charges from her record in the future. The report states that the state’s attorney is not pleased with that decision and feels charges like these should remain on the defendant’s record.

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