The owners of Horse World Expo, Denise Parsons and Bob Dobart, are offering a “good will” discount to 2016 Horse World Expo vendors who were shut down because of the blizzard that hit Maryland just as the show opened, forcing a state of emergency in central Maryland and cancelation of Expo weekend.

As most vendors are aware, event organizes are not generally legally responsible for refunding vendors fees when events are canceled due to extreme weather events.

However, show owners are trying to do right by their loyal vendors by offering all 2016 a partial booth credit if they reserve their 2017 space by September 30. A credit 85% will be available for all vendors who paid in full for the Maryland event. This credit will be applied when returning vendors contract in 2017 for a minimum of the same size booth as rented in 2016. If a vendor chooses to contract for less space than they rented in 2016, the 85% credit will be applied to the smaller booth. If additional space is needed in 2017, please make the request on your Application for Booth Space and we will do our best to accommodate your needs; additional space will be charged at the advertised rates and subject to the advertised deposit and payment policies.