Yesterday was a frantic day for the Maryland General Assembly – and not because it was a snow day, and not because it was Holy Monday – although it is a legislative high holy day, for sure. Yesterday was “Crossover Day:” any bills the either the House or the Senate intend to pass must to be voted “out” of their respective chambers by the end of the day so that those bills can then “crossover” to the other chamber. Bills that do not crossover are considered dead for this year (not that there have not been miraculous resurrections before, after all, ‘tis the season for them, but the general rule is that crossover day is final).

Once a bill has crossed over to the other chamber, it must be approved by said chamber before it can go to the Governor to be signed into law. Of course, at that point, the Governor can exercise his veto power by refusing to sign a bill into law.

Carroll & Queen Anne’s Sunday Hunting Bills Have Crossed Over

While most of the Sunday Hunting bills introduced this session did not make it (click here to read our original coverage), two have made out of their original chambers and have crossed to the opposite chamber. All is not lost – however, if you don’t want to see the expansion of Sunday hunting in their counties, then this is your last chance to do something about it.

Queen Anne’s County Senate Bill 24 was approved by the Senate and has now crossed to the House, where it was heard in the House Environmental Matters Committee. Those who do not wish to see Sunday Hunting expanded in their county must now reach out to their delegates on this committee to vote against SB 24.  Click here to find out who is on the Environmental Matters Committee and how to contact them. Chairman Del. Maggie McIntosh has a solid history of respecting the concerns of the equestrian community.

For those who wish to stop expanded Sunday Hunting in Carroll County, you must now reach out to Senators and ask them to vote against HB 543. HB 543 bill will be heard today in the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs on Tues. March 26 at 1 p.m. Click here  to find out who is on this committee and how to contact them. Sen. J.B. Jennings,   former feed store owner, is particular attuned to the equestrian community and is serving on this committee – but you should also contact the Senators that represent you. If this bill makes it out of committee to the entire floor for a vote, former pony clubber and foxchaser Sen. David Brinkely is also a friendly ear – but you must also contact your own Senator.

Bills can still be abandoned, stalled, killed or ignored by April 8, so it is not be too late to make your voice heard – but you really need to do it now.

Spay/Neuter Fund

The two bills (HB 767 & SB 82) that would establish a Spay/Neuter Fund were admirable, but the way the bills were written would have added a fee to equine feed. There is already a fee on equine feed, and this fee is used to support and fund the Maryland Horse Industry Board (we call it “The Feed Fund”). The Maryland Horse Council requested, and received, an amendment to each bill limited this fee to strictly dog and cat food. Huzzah, MHC! Click here for background.

Maintaining Maryland’s Admirable Standards of Liability

(Click here for background.) HB 1156, SB 819, and HB 1182 have all appeared to have stalled out in committee.

Repeal of the 2012 Septic Ban Bill

SB 391 & HB 106 are dead. Not stalled. Killed. Click here for background.

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