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Equine podiatry has made great strides in recent years. Exciting advances in diagnostic imaging like MRI and CT, objective assessment of lameness and hoof balance, improvements in novel materials and fabrication techniques have made exceptional results on difficult and technically challenging cases possible. Increasing collaboration between farriers and veterinarians has allowed for a greater understanding of disease and injury within the hoof.

EMC Hoof

Real Time Hoof Capsule/Skeleton Positioning

Utilization of technologies such as Metron DVM, a hoof mapping system, enables accurate tracking of a horse’s progress for a variety of conditions using precise hoof measurements. Digital images can be stored, allowing the farrier-veterinary team to compare changes in angles and other parameters of the foot over an extended period of time. This allows the team to communicate findings, develop therapeutic plans, and monitor outcomes whether your horse is at home or in the hospital.

This team approach is particularly useful in treating potentially life threatening conditions of the foot like acute or chronic laminitis, as well as some of the most frustrating conditions like navicular disease, tendon and ligament injuries, and osteoarthritis that can impact athletic careers or decrease quality of life. This team approach can also be critical for maintaining performance in the competition horse.

EMC Hoof

Metron DVM Tracking of Measurements and Angles

Working closely together, farriers and veterinarians on the farm and in the hospital can provide you with invaluable information, recommendations and implement plans to give the best possible outcome for your horse.

Advancements in lameness assessment, imaging, Metron DVM Tracking of measuring and sharing Measurements and Angles information brings science to the art of farriery. Knowing the importance of the adage, ‘no hoof, no horse’ EMC created the Podiatry Service, designed to bring together the latest technology and imaging, the science of farrier artistry and veterinary medicine for the benefit of horses’ comfort and performance.

We are excited about the role that technology and farrier veterinary collaboration now plays in the emerging field of equine podiatry and are equally excited about the solutions that can be realized. EMC is ready to assist you if you and your farrier-veterinary team feel that collaboration on behalf of your horse would be beneficial.

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