From the Maryland Department of Agriculture (March 16, 2022)

The Maryland Department of Agriculture today confirmed a horse in Montgomery County tested positive for Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) on March 9. The index horse was sent to the Equine Medical Center (EMC) in Leesburg, Virginia, for treatment and was later euthanized due to complications. Two other horses from the same barn have been sent to EMC for diagnosis and are currently under treatment.

The Montgomery County farm has been placed on a hold order by the department, prohibiting movement on or off the farm until any exposed horses have been cleared for release. The horse was previously housed in an isolated barn with 44 other horses. The veterinary practitioner and stable are providing follow-up care to the horses on the farm. Possible links to the positive EHV-1 equine are actively being investigated.

Owners are cautioned to monitor horses carefully, and should contact their private veterinarians to arrange for EHV-1 testing if a horse exhibits significant temperature elevations or neurologic signs. Veterinarians are required to report equine neurologic syndrome to the department by calling the Animal Health Program at (410) 841-5810.