Do you partake in the holiday “Elf on a Shelf” tradition? If so, we are looking for your creative horse-themed photos from this holiday season! Send your photos to for Facebook shares and Out & About.

And just for a bit of fun… here is our Equiery Elf’s “welcome letter” 🙂


Dear Equiery Readers,

Today is the day!
I couldn’t stay away!
The holidays are coming, hooray, hooray,
I’ve been waiting all year for this day!

Although I’ll be watching closely each day,
Rest assured I know it’s been a rough year, okay?
Most of the year has been a big bust,
But it’s holiday time so cheer is a must!

What we all need right now is not only goodness,
But patience and love and a lot of kindness.
So help someone out today who may be downcast,
But please don’t forget to keep wearing your mask!

And one more thing, I know that presents are fun,
But let’s be thankful for everything we have and everyone.
Our families that love us, our horses and our friends,
Those are the things we all treasure in the end.

So now that I’m here,
To bring some holiday cheer,
Be creative and find me a spot,
Take a photo and share with our Equiery lot!

Love, your Elf on a Shelf

(Poem adapted from Paper Heart Family by KORizzo)