Equiery Reader, Horseowner, Trail Rider and Foxhunter Meriwether Morris has an urgent message for all Maryland horsemen.

Dear Fellow Horsemen and Women:

Your help is urgently needed to help protect the Rural Legacy Programs in Maryland, which are under threat by incompatible development. At the moment across Maryland, many counties permit inappropriate industrial and commercial development on a large scale in State Designated Rural Legacy Areas. The Maryland House Bill #1241, which will be heard by the House Environmental Matters Committee tomorrow, Friday March 18,  enhances the Rural Legacy areas protections in disallowing Electric Substations and Power stations and Shopping Centers of more that 5 acres in Rural Legacy Areas. This is a very important protection for the future of horse activities on conserved land. Please write your delegate and tell them you support the HB 1241.

Click here to find out who is your local representative.

Even more importantly please write to the head of the environmental matters committee, Delegate Maggie MacIntosh at maggie.mcintosh@house.state.md.us. Tell her that you want her to vote in favor of it. The people of Baltimore and Frederick County are in a fight of their lives against large regional super substations and enormous hundreds of miles of transmission lines crossing Rural Legacy areas. Please help us get the Delegates to pass House Bill 1241.

Here is a sample of what your letter could say:

Dear Delegate MacIntosh:

Please vote in favor of HB 1241. It is important for Maryland to enhance the protections of the Rural Legacy Areas and limit the non-agricultural inappropriate uses to five acres. Maryland has invested tens of millions in the Rural Legacy Program and these uses are incompatible with the goals of conserving valuable soils and farmland. These uses certainly were not intended in the first place when the Rural Legacy State Designation was initiated.

HB 1241 is good for the Environment.

Thank you:






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