Pictured on this month’s cover is the Highland Pony MacCrimmon Campbeltown (aka Cam). This two-year-old is a purebred Highland Pony out of Rockcake of Whitefield and by the stallion MacCrimmon Andrew. Bred in Harwood, MD, Cam represents an endangered breed with fewer than 100 Highland Ponies in all of North America.

Originating in Scotland, there are around 6,000 left in the world. According to the Highland Pony Society, this breed has adapted over many centuries to the variable and often severe climatic and environmental conditions of Scotland. The winter coat consists of a layer of strong, badger like hair over a soft, dense undercoat which enables this breed of pony to live out in all weathers. This coat is shed in the spring to reveal a smooth summer coat. This essential hardiness is combined with a kindly nature and an even temperament.

They have been bred for a variety of jobs including riding, driving and pack ponies. MacCrimmon Stud, LLC, owned by Kathy and Paul Simpson, is the only Highland breeding farm in the state. They breed and train purebred Highland Ponies for low level eventing, dressage and pleasure riding. “Our mission is to introduce this wonderful breed to the local riding community and enhance its numbers in North America,” Kathy said.

“We have one of a handful of breeding stallions on the continent (multiple time champion, MacCrimmon Andrew) and two mares imported from Scotland, as well as another colt who may be licensed as a breeding stallion this spring,” She said, adding, “Our small herd is rounded out by Cam and another gelding with two foals are expected  in the spring!”

For more information on Highland Ponies, see the Highland Pony Society’s website at http://www.highlandponysociety.com/ and visit MacCrimmon Stud on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maccrimmonstud/