Below is a list of stallions standing in Maryland for the 2020 breeding season. This list was compiled using information provided by the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, the Cloverleaf Standardbred Owners Association, the Maryland Horse Industry Board and The Equiery’s previous stallion database. If your breeding stallion is missing from this list or is on this list but no longer standing in Maryland, please contact us at 1-800-244-9580 or email To advertise your stallion with The Equiery, please call us at 1-800-244-9580 or email Stallions advertised with The Equiery get online live links to their webpages.


American Paint

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Awesome Andy Mighty Awesome Harris Paint Horses
Forest Midnight Comet Black Forest Lexies Command Harris Paint Horses
I Kinda Like That Harris Paint Horses
Lopin Lazy Lazy Loper R Fancy This Harris Paint Horses
Three Deuces Sullivans Heathen Dominator Choice Harris Paint Horses


American Paint Quarter Horse

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Mighty Clu Mighty Awesome Clueless Centerfold Harris Paint Horses



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Hideaway’s Lakota Joe Smokes Impression Sulley’s Tina Beech Grove Farm



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
AS Tahir Aziza Sheetan Rakee AS Windsong Arabians
Boomerang NA Padrons Psyche Blink Forteyna Congressional Farm Arabians
Devine Design Versace JA Flirtatious Windsong Arabians
Ducati CFA Boomerag NA DM Althea Congressional Farm Arabians
Imperial Baaru Imperial Baarez Imperial Falaah Infinity Egyptian Stud
Midnigt Enchantr Shah of Gizeh WW Black Squeeze Al-Sharif Arabians
PA Gazsi Gazal Al Shaqab Memphis NA Pannonia Arabians
Qadar Nadir Samar Ansata Nile Nadir Zahara Keela Infinity Egyptian Stud
Revolution CFA Baahir El Marwan Liberty Belle CFA Congressional Farm Arabians
Thee Revolution Thee Desperado Bint Zaarina Infinity Egyptian Stud


Cleveland Bay

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Arena Maestro Laughton Saladin Knaresborough Moon Dust Bella Vista Farm
Belladona Quasar Penrhyn Bayswater Idehour Music Magnific Sporthorses
Gaylord Ivanhoe Ramblers Richard Lionheart Belladonna Xtravagance Bella Vista Farm


Clydesdale Cross

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Glendevon’s Mountain Man Mountain Meadows Jason Mrs Moneypenny Glendevon Stables


Dutch Warmblood

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Everdale Lord Leatherdale Aliska K Hilltop Farm Inc
George Clooney De Niro Wallone Hilltop Farm Inc
Glamourdale Lord Leatherdale Thuja Hilltop Farm Inc
Jayson Johnson Zamora B Hilltop Farm Inc
Kjento Negro Zoriana Hilltop Farm Inc
Lantanas Sir Donnerhall Lantana V Hilltop Farm Inc
Negro Ferro Fewrie Hilltop Farm Inc
Olivi Jazz Halla Utopia Hilltop Farm Inc
Painted Black Gribaldi Litchy Hilltop Farm Inc



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Coeur D’Amour Conteur High Point Hanoverians
Contucci Caprimond Laureen Hilltop Farm Inc
Donavan Derwisch Akelei Kent Island Sporthorses
Eskardo Escudo Silver Medallion Farm
Frisantos Franziskus Esprina Hilltop Farm Inc
Furst Belagio Fod Furst Belissaro Rocher Hilltop Farm Inc
Louisville HTF Lord Leatherdale Unicum-D Hilltop Farm Inc
Pikko Del Cerro HU Pik L Rohweena Hilltop Farm Inc
Rapture R Rotspon Damaris
Regazzoni Rubinstein I SPS Wakonda Wood’s Lane Farm
Romancero H HB I Rohdiamant H Marie Wood’s Lane Farm
Rosenthal Rubinstein Karon High Point Hanoverians
Royal Prince Rohdiamant Piri Piri Hilltop Farm Inc
Sinatra Song Sandro Hit St. Pr. Paulina High Point Hanoverians
Sternlicht Soliman de Hus EM Rhapsody GGF Hilltop Farm Inc
Wallstreet Blues Wallstreet Kid Blue Dinamode Folly Quarter Stables



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
GK Calucci Calido I Magic Mouse Hilltop Farm Inc
Riverman Redfort Alexis II Hilltop Farm Inc


Irish Draught

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
PL Diamond Hill Coille Mor Hill Ballygarris Black Diamond Playland Farm, Inc


Irish Sport Horse

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Silver Tax Aberjack Rebel Pride Taproot Sport Horses
Taproot Prime ES Toronto Ahtractiv Starfire Taproot Sport Horses



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Circle F. One Good Reason KBA Sport Model DeBar Patti Jane Sweet Rock Stables
GKB Coal Magic Ragtime Voodoo Magic Metis Koffee (CN) Blue & White Morgans


New Forest Pony

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Wasabi Wicked Court Jester Jacodi’s Bo’s Bonnie Rob & Thea Hall



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Dumont Diamont Silver Medallion Farm
Friendscout II Furst Fugger Wolkentanz High Point Hanoverians
Legaczy Alla’Czar Buntspecht de Lauzelle New Blessing Farm
Qredit Quarterback Dream Rubina Hilltop Farm Inc
Rosall Rosario St.Pr. Liberty Kent Island Sporthorses
Royal Prinz Royal Diamond Mystica Hilltop Farm Inc
Rubinero Rubinstein I Faola Hilltop Farm Inc



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Windermere’s Ghost Rider Windermere’s Inferno Wapsi View Fantasy Beamview Farm


PRE (Andalusian)

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
C Olivo Machin Esmeralda CXXI Hilltop Farm Inc
Calypso SF Piconero Fundidora 2 Spring Fever Farm
Fiti Al Jondo Lavanda II Hilltop Farm Inc
Flamenco SF Poderoso SF Azuquita SF Spring Fever Farm
Flamenco YM Diamante Negro Son II Hilltop Farm Inc
Piconero III Spring Fever Farm
Poderoso SF Payaso Spring Fever Farm


Quarter Horse

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Commandalena Smart Chic Olena Givency Command Reiners Rule, LLC
Howelling Corona King Corona SI 104 Bet the Angel Harris Paint Horses
MR Spins Doctor Zans Shining Step RP Poco Beuno Tina Milnes Breeding Facility
WW Eli Zans Living Legend Tardys Bar Maid 1 Nagrom Farm


Selle Luxembourgeois

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Talisman Toulon Armandine Hilltop Farm Inc



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Olney Rhodedendron Olney Farm
AA Ripley Olney Farm


Sport Pony

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Woodsbury’s Harlequin Ferguson Uno Waxwing Night Light Hilltop Farm Inc


Spotted Draft

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Hannibal Farm’s #19 Johnny Chew Mill Guinness Splash on Pancake Flats Beamview Farm



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Cam’s Rocket Cam’s Card Shark Queen Of Rock Roger Hans Stables
Capitol Power Presidential Ball Kandyapplered Myer Farm
Charlie De Vie Yankee Glide Knickers Hanover Fox Den Farm
CR Renegade Royal Troubador Country Kay Sue Winbak Farm
Dixie Pride Real Artist Tarport Dixie Offutt Farm
Doggone Yankee Dancer’s Victory Yankee Dazzle Myer Farm
Dontloseyourdayjob Life Sign ICI Aussi Brian Callahan Farm
Dr Dreamy Art Majoy Candy Stripes Harris Paint Horses
Great George Two Hobokenbahamamamas Within Reach Harris Stallion Station
Holy Guacamolie Conway Hall Maggie Spur Winbak Farm
Island Fantasy Life Sign Three Mile Island Winbak Farm
Lockkeeper Mr Lavec S J’s Image Fox Den Farm
Movie Idol I Am A Fool Movie Star Legs Shaun Callahan Farm
Mr. Apples Bettor’s Delight Never In Paris Jeff Clark Stables, LLC
Nuclear Breeze Nuclear High Radiant Breeze
Quick Pulse Mindale Jenna’s Beach Boy Midnight Stage Winbak Farm
Rusty’s All In Western Hanover Allamerican Nadia Fox Den Farm
Rusty’s For Real Real Artist Cam’s Exotic Fox Den Farm
Tom’s Titan Nuclear Breeze Like My Mom Myer Farm
Trainforthefuture Donerail Colette Lobell Offutt Farm
Wynnfield Scamp Run The Table Hopeland Scamp Wynnfield Farm


Swedish Warmblood

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Black Coffee 1063 Bellini Amandla Beall Spring Farm



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Alliance Harlan’s Holiday Life Happened Bonita Farm
Baltimore Bob Malibu Moon Gabby’s Love Shamrock Farm
Bandbox Tapit Empty the Bases Northview Stallion Station
Barbados Speightstown Northern Station Shamrock Farm
Blofeld Quality Road Storm Minstrel Murmur Farm
Bourbon Courage Lion Heart Shine Forth Anchor and Hope Farm
Buffum Bernardini Storm Beauty Northview Stallion Station
Cage Fighter Closing Argument Untamed Passion Fair Hill Training Center
Cuba Not for Love Shaunless Royal Wux Farm
Despite the Odds Speightstown Lady Aloma Legacy Stallions at Roland Farm Annex
Divining Rod Tapit Precocius Kitten Country Life Farm
Dortmund Big Brown Our Josephina Bonita Farm
Editorial War Front Playa Maya Roland Farm Annex
Eternal Star Five Star Day Retsina’s Princess Winding Creek Farm
Force The Pass Speightstown Social Queen Anchor and Hope Farm
Freedom Child Malibu Moon Bandstand Country Life Farm
Frenemy Friends Lake Miss Shower Lone Wolf Ranch
Friesan Fire A.P. Indy Bolinger Country Life Farm
Full of Scoundrels Great Notion French Legion Muddy Paddock Sport Horses
Gandhi A.P. Indy India Royal Wux Farm
Golden Lad Medaglia d’Oro Broadway Gold Northview Stallion Station
Great Notion Elusive Wuality Evening Primrose Northview Stallion Station
Hangover Kid Lemon Drop Kid Absolute Patience Murmur Farm
Holy Boss Street Boss Holy Grace Anchor and Hope Farm
I’m Steppin It UP Congrats Cindy Woo Who Royal Wux Farm
Imagining Giant’s Causeway Daydreaming Anchor and Hope Farm
Ken Doll Press Card O. K. Doll Six M Farm
Kobe’s Back Flatter Well Bonita Farm
Ladinos Bambino Headig Back Home Foxy Ladino Normar Farm
Long River A.P. Indy Round Pond Anchor and Hope Farm
Madefromlucky Looking At Lucky Home From Oz Northview Stallion Station
Mosler War Front Gold Vault Country Life Farm
Mt. Vidmore Mt. Livermore Vid Kid Magnific Sporthorses
Not Abroad Not For Love Timely Broad Dance Forth at Roland Farm
Outflanker Danzig Lassie’s Lady Shamrock Farm
Petionville Seeking the Gold Vana Turns Murmur Farm
Private Scandal Not For Love Parade of Roses Acer Farm
Redeemed Include Early Mass Northview Stallion Station
Scipion A.P. Indy Strawberry Reason Murmur Farm
Street Magician Street Cry Magical Meadow Heritage Stallions
Super Ninety Nine Pulpit Exogenetic Country Life Farm
Wild About Jon Wild Again Deputy Jane West Life’s Quest Farm



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Elfenperekt “Pg” Peron “Pg” “E” Elfentraum “E”



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Land’s End Thimbleberry Carolina’s Red Fox Joann D’arc Greystoke Farm, LLC


Welsh Section A

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Charmsley Cormac Severn Donegal LOM High Hopes Kia LOM Loafer’s Lodge Welsh Ponies
Dragoncroft Pintado LOM Asguard Gold SAND DCF Sorceress Loafer’s Lodge Welsh Ponies
Menai Mister Mostyn *Friars Sion Menai Mary Ann Harris Paint Horses


Welsh Section B

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Clay Creek Hidden Assests Clay Creek Woodstock Almostashanagan Clay Creek Farm
Evans Dru Eyarth Ares* Kenwood’s Princess Royal* Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies
Loafers Lodge Smokey Joe Fox Cry Whinny the Pooh LOM Patchwork Fay Ceti LOM Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies
Rosmels Dressed in Scarlet LOM/AOH/AOE Rosmels Cotillion Rosmels Scarlet Lace Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies
Shenandoah Gaylord Farnley Ganymede Shenandoah Silk Slipper Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies
Zephyrus Breaking Dawn Goldhills Master Bronze LOM/AOE Evans Esme Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies


Westfalen Pony

Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Popeye FS Pour l’Amour SPS Nice Touch Hilltop Farm Inc



Stallion Sire Dam Farm
Gallant Reflection HU Galant du Serein Rohmanie Hilltop Farm Inc

(Updated 01/14/2020)