Helpful Links

Animal Health, Bio-Security, and Agriculture

Maryland Farm Services Administration
Virginia Department of Agriculture – EHV-1
Maryland Department of Agriculture  
FDA Warnings – Fumonsin
List of Reportable Animal Diseases (for Maryland)
Horse Slaughter
Bio-Security Seminar
American Association of Equine Practitioners
Arboviral encephalitis
Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis
West Nile Virus or West Nile Virus – Hot Issues
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
West Nile Virus
Healthy Farms – Healthy Agriculture (Vermont)
Iowa State’s “Center for Food Security & Public Health”
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine stallion service auction


Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA)
American Hanoverian Society Inspection
ISR/Oldenburg Inspections
Maryland Trails & Greenways Internet Group
American Hunter Jumper Foundation
Interscholastic Equestrian Association
Maryland Million
Maryland Horse Council
Maryland Defense Force Cavalry Troop

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Click here to learn about Maryland’s Equine Welfare Laws
American Horse Council
United States Pony Club
United States Hunter/Jumper Association 
Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
National Trails Day
Affiliated National Riding Commission 
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
North American Point To Point Association

Maryland & County Government Sites or Further Information

Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission Deer Managment Hunts
Furbearer Permits
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Maryland Horse Industry Board 
Annotated Code of Maryland
Maryland Horse Park
Maryland Department of Agriculture
Fair Hill Trail Closures
Maryland General Assembly
Maryland Cooperative Extensive
Maryland Department of State – Office of Charitable Giving
Maryland Horse Forum
Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene
Maryland Defense Force Cavalry Troop
List of Reportable Animal Diseases (for Maryland)  
For More on the Horse Park Feasibility Study/Maryland Stadium Authority
Maryland Horse Industry Board

Maryland Horse Industry Board 
Maryland Stadium Authority


USEF Rulebook 
Virginia-Maryland Regional College Of Veterinary Medicine Stallion Auction
Bedford Research Foundation, Inc.(Paralysis Research)
The Horse, A Mirror of Man: Parallels in Early Human and Horse Medicine
Maryland Farm Bureau
Relief Riders International
Walters Art Gallery
Waters House History Resource Center
White House Horses
Pony Club International Eventing Exchange

Trails & Land Conservation/Preservation

National Trails Day Activities in Maryland
TROT Maps 
Maryland Horse Industry Board Grant Program
Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance
Kodak American Greenways Awards Program 
Recreational Trail Funding
TEP Funds Application 
Trail Riding During Hunting Season
Grants for Trail Funding
National Trails Day
Trail Trotters Day
Trail Design, Construction & Maintenance
International Mountain Bicycling Trail Building
TROT Mounted Search & Rescue and choose “Governor’s Agricultural Forum.”