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Kudos for the WSSC

The Equiery has run editorials critical of WSSC (the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, which 6,000 acres around the Patuxent watershed), so – in the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it appropriate to run kudos to WSSC! Below, longtime Equiery reader Debby Poole expresses her appreciation to the employees of the WSSC. I wanted to thank the WSSC watershed manager, Eddie Franceschi for another fantastic year of riding the beautiful equestrian trails on the WSSC. I moved to Burtonsville, Maryland onto Belle Cote Drive when I was 15 years old. I got my first horse when I turned...

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5 Confirmed Cases of Potomac Horse Fever

According to  Dr. Michael Radebaugh, the Maryland State Veterinarian & Chief of Animal Health, Potomac Horse Fever has been confirmed in five Maryland horses this summer, as of press time. The first two horses were confirmed in Frederick County in late July; one of them died. Since then and as of press, there have been three more confirmed cases, one each in Frederick, Montgomery and Washington Counties. All responded well to treatment. According to Dr. Radebaugh all five horses had been vaccinated for Potomac Horse Fever. Samples have been sent to University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine to determine which of the 11 strands of PHF these might be, with the hope that useful data will be yielded for the vaccine manufacturers. In the meantime, until the first frost, all Maryland horse owners (but particularly those whose horses graze near rivers, creeks and streams) should be extra vigilant for early signs of the disease. Clinical signs include mild to severe fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, laminitis, and mild colic. Potomac Horse Fever is most commonly contracted by horses that ingest infected aquatic insects such as caddisflies and mayflies. “Potomac Horse Fever surfaces here every few years,” said State Veterinarian Michael Radebaugh. “Because it can be fatal, we urge horse owners to pay special attention to how their horses feel. The vaccine for Potomac Horse Fever is not always effective, so we...

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Need $$$ for your great idea? Check out the Maryland Equine Feed Fund Grants

Do you have a special project which needs funding? Perhaps an incubator project? Perhaps it is launching a new, Maryland-based equine product manufacturing business, which will create new jobs and economic impact for Maryland’s equine industry? Perhaps it is the launch of a unique equine-related non-profit? Or a way to expand knowledge of and about horses within the public school system? A cutting-edge rapid composting mechanism or method? A miracle cure for rain rot? A new app that will help equine spectator events sell more tickets? Whatever your new or unique idea, concept, business, education program of charity might...

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Potomac Horse Fever Detected in Maryland

The Maryland State Vet’s Office (Maryland Department of Agriculture) has announced that Potomac Horse Fever has been confirmed in two Maryland horses, one of which has died from the disease. The two horses confirmed were in Frederick County, and both horses had been vaccinated. The second horse is being treated by a private veterinarian and is expected to recover. MDA is urging horse owners – especially those with horses that graze near rivers, streams and creeks – to watch their horses closely for signs of the disease. Clinical signs include mild to severe fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, laminitis, and...

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New System Composts 1.5 tons of Manure in Two weeks

On June 14, an innovative manure composting system was unveiled at Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Howard County, the first such project made possible by Maryland’s Animal Waste Technology Grant Fund. Although composting is not new, this contained vessel composting system, when installed, reduces environmental factors that impact the composting success. The state-of-the-art system can process 1.5 tons of horse manure in two weeks. According to Days End officials, the final compost product will be used for bedding, on-site landscaping needs and possible sale to a local nursery. “Preliminary information from the Environmental Finance Center at the University...

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Veterinarian Earns Touch of Class

Dr. Kathleen Anderson was presented with the Maryland Horse Industry Board’s May Touch of Class Award on May 28 during the Fair Hill Races in Elkton. Dr. Anderson is the current president of the American Association for Equine Practitioners. Pictured from left: Fair Hill International executive director Carla Geiersbach, Maryland Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Mark Belton, Maryland Horse Industry Board executive director Jim Steele, award winner Dr. Kathleen Anderson, Fair Hill Natural Resources management Area manager Rachel Temby, MHIB member Beverly Raymond and Maryland Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Steve...

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