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Casino Brings in $11.4 Million in First Month

Perryville Casino Running Strong The one casino currently up and running in Maryland, Hollywood Casino Perryville, raked in $11.4 million in its first month of operation.The Baltimore Sun reported that the casino is currently averaging about $245 a day per machine, a rate that is higher than machines in surrounding states. Still No Bidders for Rocky Gap Slots The deadline for developers to submit bids for the Rocky Gap Lodge slots location came and went, again, on November 9. End of story… for...

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Chaos Within The Club

What a difference a week can make. A fascinating – yet also horrifying and depressing – drama within the Maryland Jockey Club is unfolding before our eyes, chronicled in all the major area dailies, as one executive after another throws colleagues under the proverbial bus. On Tuesday, November 2, Voters Green Light Slots at Arundel Mills But you knew that. On Wednesday, November 3, Maryland Jockey Club President Tom Chuckas Declares Laurel Will Shut Down Live Racing In response to the Arundel Mills victory, the Maryland Daily Record reported that MJC President Tom Chuckas said that the Jockey Club would immediately begin dialing back their Maryland racing operations, including their plans to host only 40 days of live racing a year at Pimlico, closing the Bowie Training Center, turning Laurel Park into an off-track betting site and developing the land. On Monday, November 8, Stronach Hangs Both Chuckas and Hoffberger Out To Dry Over the weekend, Frank Stronach, owner of MI Development (which owns 51% of the Maryland Jockey Club) hung Chuckas out to dry, when he told The Baltimore Sun’s Jay Hancock that they will “keep the tracks open and more or less run reasonably the same days that we ran the last two years.” Richard Hoffberger, president of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, was quick to take credit for this supposed change of Stronach’s mind, claiming that...

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More News From the November Print Edition

It seems that things are really hopping in the Maryland horse world these days and we ran out of room in our November print edition for the following stories. Thankfully, the World Wide Web is not constrained by page counts. Rescued West Virginia Horses Get Care in Maryland Fifty-three horses and two cows were seized on September 11 by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department in West Virginia from the Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue farm near Martinsburg. Eight of these horses were taken to Days End Farm in Lisbon for intensive care treatment. One of the eight was so emaciated that she died shortly after arriving at Day End. The remaining seven horses are all receiving around-the-clock treatment by the Days End staff and veterinarians from Monocacy Equine. One of the horse, Zodiac, remains in a sling due to a lameness in his left hind, as well as for other reasons. Days End staff worry that without the support of the sling, he would not be able to catch himself should he stumble or lie down. To read more about the WV horses at Days End, visit their blog at First Casino in Maryland Opens Its Doors In the first four days of operation, the Hollywood Casino Perryville had more than 21,000 visitors come through its doors. The casino is the first to open in Maryland and holds 1,500...

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Anne Arundel County Votes Yes to Question A

On Tuesday, November 2, Anne Arundel County residents voted for Question A. This means that the required zoning for the Anne Arundel Video Lottery Terminal facility at Arundel Mills Mall is granted. Thus, the Cordish Co. can move forward with building a casino and installing slot machines at that site. Support for the measure garnered 56% of the vote with 98% of the precincts reporting. The Maryland Jockey Club sought a vote against Question A with the hope that Laurel Park would have a chance to compete for the 4,750 machine casino. “The people of Anne Arundel County have spoken,” said Maryland Jockey president Tom Chuckas. “While we continue to believe that Laurel is the optimum location for VLTs in Anne Arundel County, the Maryland Jockey Club will now consider its options going forward and we will consult with the Maryland Racing Commission to enact the changes required as a result of this lost opportunity at...

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The November Elections: Equiery Contributors on Jennings, Wargotz & (of course) Slots

The November print edition is now in stores! Check here for the store nearest to you. THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS In the battle for the ballot, here are the final round of comments from Equiery readers regarding candidates and issues. Good luck to all on November 2. JB Jennings – He is One of Us from Lauren Rider of Bel Air J.B. Jennings was elected to serve as Delegate in the Maryland Legislature in 2002, and is now running for State Senator for District 7. He is one of the few real horse people in the Maryland legislature. He owns a boarding farm with his wife Michelle, and he can routinely be seen Feeding, turning out, blanketing, wrapping or doing whatever the horses need. He and Michelle live directly above the stalls (and get to listen to them kick the walls all night long in the winter time.) He has spent 12 years in the equine feed industry and understands all aspects of the equine industry and it various challenges. In the Maryland State Legislature, he has always been a friend of the Maryland equestrian community, and has been an ardent supporter of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, helping to secure annual funding for the Board through the Maryland Feed Fund. ****************** Dr. Eric Wargotz: Horses are Ag! He gets it! from Royce Herman of Centreville Two years ago,when Eric...

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Readers Respond!

Readers have been responding to The Equiery’s recent News posts. In response to the entire state of politics in the Free State – particularly as it applies to our racing industry, Bob Vechery writes: “Sometimes it is very difficult having been born, raised and residing in such a stupid state as Maryland.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the climate, the “America in Miniature,” and just about everything else about Maryland, except the politics.  Democrats have successfully destroyed the second largest multi-billion dollar industry in the state.  While every other state around us implemented slots, the democrats did nothing.  When we finally voted in Republican Bob Eurlich to save us, Democrats Miller and Bush never allowed the legislation to move forward in fear Republican Eurlich would look good, never caring about the people of Maryland or the horse industry.  Now instead of showing a surplus, we are billions in debt thanks to Democrats Miller and Bush who are still in office, and O’Malley does not have a clue.  All the Maryland horse industry wants is a level playing field with its competitor states, gambling should remain at the tracks, benefitting the tracks and the people of Maryland, unfortunately it is probably to late due solely due to the democrats currently and previously in office.” In response to the issue of slots at Arundel Mills Mall, Christina Weber writes: “Gambling at the mall is gambling without the...

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